i rock with Mike...but ALL this rap shit is starting to sound the same.. Mike should've left field this project..

  • http://RapRuler.com Jerel

    I went straight to the song with Chance. Can't wait for that #AcidRap.

    Click my name, though.

  • gbreeze


  • Banco

    Too Late is too cold!

  • AV

    This ain't a part of Jet Life Recordings? Hope everything is cool!

  • AV

    Eh, I guess the first Lap of Lux didnt say it either. We cool errybody.

  • music fan

    Can we get an alternate link? Datpiff downloads suck!

  • DisappointedFan

    Nah, the best song on here is the one with Chance. The rest of this sounds cheesy. And I fuck with Mikey Rocks on the regular

  • Nate Dza

    Yo. Number 6 is defintely a sample from a track that was in cowboy bebop

  • bob tooltruc

    THis was BOOTY in comparison to PP 1.5

  • Aye

    Man im a die hard mike fan and even im starting to doubt the change in his music a bit. some tracks bang some are eh. and the tape is mastered poorly. some tracks super loud some quiet.