Swerve - The Cleansing: Barrelhouse Edition (FreEP)

The second volume of Swerve's The Cleansing series features four tracks from cutting floor of The Barrelhouse LP recording sessions. For a breakdown on each song, check Swerve's official site.

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  • Westside

    fuck! if nobodies going to say it, I will. This guy is quickly becoming one of the top 10 new rappers out right now. Cold Winters? The Barrelhouse? The No Lifeguard joint? all in 2012. even these half-way joints are fire! Sactown is showing some real talent! matter fact, fuck that, the whole west coast is killin the game right now! period.

  • TNIY

    Swerve is so fucking sick. Everything he drops is more real than anything that anyone else is doing right now.

  • buckeyeknight

    hottest thing out lately. been a swerve fan for years now and dont have a negative thing to say about the dudes creativity or productivity. he keeps it real and always comin out with new fire weekly it seems. even h "scraps" are madddddd dope. get em! if you dont know now you know....baaaallllooowww

    • buckeyeknight

      a fan for a year now***

  • OE

    FUCKING DOPE! from his lyrical flow to his beat selection it always keeps my ears a listening!

    Swerve will be emptying your pockets soon enough!

    if you aint a fan. get the hell on the play button and enjoy some REAL DOPE HIP HOP!

  • shazthemc

    yo, swerve! i hope your ready, i'm about to blaze all these beats after your verses. I'm gunna kill this shit so hard you're gunna have to rerelease this as Swerve & Shaz. google me bro i'm shaz the rapper. i wont disappoint.

  • dopefiend

    half songs that didn't make the cut, ya thats cool and shit but where the hell is Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2? not even a single yet and your giving leftovers?

  • jackass

    so your mad? try reading WHY he released the "half songs" before running your mouth.


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