• Bigwill516

    Hope cherry wine wins for best collaboration Jay & ye gotta win for niggas in paris as many times they performed that song lmao

  • Dixson

    2 Chainz is up for best rap album OMG

  • A Reader!

    Dont care for the awards any year much especially seeing fuckery like Based On A TRUE Story nominated for Best Rap Album...

    Just wanna say that Adorn by Miguel deserves some awards !!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ossSWj17Jnk ef


  • meh

    Nas' LIG must win Best Rap Album other way them judges would prove how much asshole they are

  • 1

    hope jake one wins at least one of his two nominations

  • http://ljiggy.com ljiggy

    fun. should clean house

  • Hey

    The only right thing I see here is Miguel and a little bit of Nas... So many hip-hop artist are out and the garbages take all the "fame"!

  • Rusty Griswold

    Hope Channel Orange wins that album of the year, although the Black Keys are always tough comp. I'll settle for a victory over Chris Brown though, man fuck that nigga.

    BTW, Kendrick's album was probably just outside of the eligibility period, which was 10/01/2011 to 10/01/2012 (not a 100% of the end date).

    I love love Niggas in Paris, but Daughters? That song was some of the best Nas and hip-hop in a minute.

  • j

    hahah what the fuck is this shit?!?! best rap album? hell fuckin no.

  • agonyc

    Kendrick would be nominated NEXT year for GKMC. Albums released late in 4th quarter are typically left for next year awards.

  • agonyc

    With that said i think this is the year Nas gets his first grammy, he's been nominated countless times but never won.

  • A Visitor!

    Here is what I believe should happen imho ...

    Best R&B Performance: "Adorn" by Miguel
    Best Urban Contemporary Album: "Channel Orange" by Frank Ocean
    Best R&B Album: "Back To Love" by Anthony Hamilton
    Best R&B Song: "Adorn" by Miguel
    Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: either "No Church In Wild" or "Cherry Wine"
    Best Rap Performance: "Niggas In Paris"
    Best Rap Album: "Life Is Good" by Nas
    Best Rap Song: "Daughters" by Nas

  • Denmark

    If Nas doesn't win at least one Grammy this shit is rigged.
    In a discourse like hiphop and pop music where everyone is always trying jump on the bandwagon of new trends, Nas held his own and created a coherent album that was 100% him. Not some desperate shit trying to be relevant

  • BOB


  • dev


  • DQ

    I'm so glad Undun is up for Rap Album of the year. Such an under rated and under appreciated work of art. I hope it wins

  • K-eazy

    Yeah. Where the fuck is PSY

  • koke

    Nas better win at least one Grammy

  • j


  • check

    Channel orange is one of most solid and critically acclaimed projects of the year... replay value is amazing(for me anyway).

  • cap

    channel orange is for fags so check you needa check yourself. unfortunantly mainstream media and illuminati make it acceptable in the society to be gay even though if in god they trusted the would know god hates gay people. with that beig said, frank fag ocean should not be nominated for any grammys and rick ross and 2 chainz for best rap album? wtf ypou gotta be kidding me


    Why is kendrick not up there? Seriously?

  • Strife Immaculate

    Looks like Frank Ocean is gonna be the big winner this year.

    I wanna see:
    -“Channel Orange” — Frank Ocean win for Album Of The Year
    -“Thinkin Bout You” — Frank Ocean win for Record Of The Year
    -Frank Ocean win for Best New Artist
    -who gives a fuck for Song Of The Year
    -who gives a fuck for Best Pop Solo Performance
    -“Payphone” — Maroon 5 & Wiz Khalifa win for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
    -who gives a fuck for Best Rock Performance
    -“No Reflection” — Marilyn Manson win for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance
    -who gives a fuck for Best Rock Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best Rock Song
    -who gives a fuck for Best Alternative Music Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best Dance/Electronica Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best R&B Performance
    -“Channel Orange” — Frank Ocean win for Best Urban Contemporary Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best R&B Album
    -“Heart Attack” — Trey Songz win for Best R&B Song
    -“No Church In The Wild” — Jay–Z & Kanye West Featuring Frank Ocean & The–Dream win for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
    -“HYFR (Hell Ya F***ing Right)” — Drake Featuring Lil Wayne win for Best Rap Performance
    -“Based On A T.R.U. Story” — 2 Chainz win for Best Rap Album
    -“Young, Wild & Free” — Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Featuring Bruno Mars win for Best Rap Song
    -who gives a fuck for Best Latin Pop Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best Country Solo Performance
    -who gives a fuck for Best Country Duo Performance
    -who gives a fuck for Best Country Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best Americana Album
    -“Locked Down” — Dr. John win for Best Blues Album
    -who gives a fuck for Best Spoken Word Album
    -Rize Of The Fenix — Tenacious D win for Best Comedy Album

    And that's my 2 centz.

  • Vic


  • Jason

    @Cop, God does not hate "fags", God doesn't hate anyone. The bible says Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. Get outta here with that ignorance jackass. Frank Ocean's album was great, but I have a feeling Mumford & Sons or The Black Keys may take it.


    @cap I agree 100%

  • marty mcfly

    Lupe probably wont win but F&L2 was some dope shit. Hood Now alone needs an award imo.

  • money

    undun for rap album of the year please

  • nc

    @cap that was the most ignorant post i've seen here. smdh. you sound like a dumbass, especially since you can't spell

  • Metal165

    thats some bullshit.Fiona Apple got snubbed for Album of the Year.And also don't care who wins besides that,as long as Chris Brown loses....

  • http://insideravensmind.net nevarwilliams

    Thank you to vic for pointing out what Kendrick fans do not seem to understand. The cut off date is NOT the last week of December people lol. No awards show, be it music, film or other, goes by calendar year. There's always a cut off date. And GKMC came AFTER the cut off date.

  • JAyP

    Miguel, Frank O, FUN, & Nas should win!

  • fuckwhitepeopleandniggers

    2 chainz for best rap album? wtf...Dreams and Nightmares was better than that shit, and thats not even saying a whole lot. what a joke.

  • C-los

    Undun should be considered for Album of the year. But I don't really care about these things

  • Jimbo

    These nominations are a joke. Who the fuck would nominate God Fogives, I Don't for best rap album of the year? lol That shit was Ross' worst album.

  • jhock420

    This is a joke, why noone cares about these awards. TOTAL bullshit, lot of bullshit nominated in terms of hip hop awards specifically, the nominees for best rap album are laughable go lupe I guess.

  • stuckofftherealness

    Undun was album of the year before Life is Good was released. Almost not fair to The Roots. Curious to know how 2 Chainz alum got up there. That album is trash IMO.
    Album Of The Year:“El Camino” — The Black Keys
    Record Of The Year: “Somebody That I Used To Know” — Gotye Featuring Kimbra
    Best New Artist:FUN or Frank Ocean
    Song Of The Year:“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) Kelly Clarkson
    Best Urban Contemporary Album:“Channel Orange” — Frank Ocean
    Best R&B Album: “Black Radio” — Robert Glasper Experiment
    Best R&B Song:“Adorn” — Miguel
    Best Rap/Song Collaboration:“No Church In The Wild” — Jay–Z & Kanye West Featuring Frank Ocean & The–Dream
    Best Rap Performance:“N****s In Paris” — Jay–Z & Kanye West
    Best Rap Album:“Life Is Good” — Nas or “Undun” — The Roots
    Best Rap Song:“The Motto” — Drake Featuring Lil Wayne or
    “N****s in Paris” — Jay-Z & Kanye West

  • marty mcfly

    Take Care is gonna win best rap album. Thats my prediction and then of course a bunch of hip hop fans are gonna be mad but I dont know why because secretly they like that album. I know people feel like The Roots and Nas should win but thats why they should've probably supported those albums if they thought they were so good. Personally I think Lupe should win best album but he tells the truth in his music so he definitely lost in a world of fake shit. Take Care is gonna win.