Trinidad James on The Breakfast Club (Video)

blame it on Illy December 6, 2012

The most talked about man in rap right now visits The Breakfast Club to talk about being indepedent, label offers, how he bagan rapping, his Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape, and more.

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  • stopit5

    I like the breakfast club interviews, but I think it’s funny how they choose who they’re going to be hard on. Charlamagne basically talks shit to MGK’s face lol, but then Nicki Minaj comes in and every single one of them are ready to get on their knees and kiss that ass!

  • Gengar

    Trinidad James is the hipsters ultimate rapper

  • jones

    Charlamagne deserves some beating up. ignorant f#%&

  • EricDean

    I don’t … understand … the hype … I’m just confused.

  • wat

    Ghost of Shake… Did you just spell BEGAN wrong? lol

  • kitcloudkicker

    @ Eric Dean I dont understand the hype either, but he seems like a regular down to earht dude. Seems like he has some kinda brain. Unlike another quick rise to fame from Chicago. I would like to see him work with krit and luda. He also said he wants to work at becoming a better artist. He didnt seem to be worried about deals and money

  • upyour nose witha rubberhse

    Every week they dig in the garbage and find a rundown wannabe to make a superstar for the moment. Remeber Lil Flip, Lil Boosie, bust it baby dude, and drake…………..all from the same moment.

  • Sen

    @kitcloudkicker I agree man, I don’t understand the hype, but the fact that he’s well spoken, seems to have a brain and seemingly humble, it’s a good look. He seems like a good dude period. But maybe this project is just his little thing to get some attention.

  • Käne

    I dont get it, i havent heard anything from him thats sustainable

  • sonictheHogans

    Uh Drake is a “at the moment” superstar..cause let’s time I checked dude was on the Forbes list and a hip hop heavyweight right now.. haters love to talk that shit about him..but be the first ones playing his shit..and I know you didnt say Boosie was a at the moment rapper..that nigga is a legend in the south..somebody slap that fuck boy up there.

  • midwestbeast

    ^in the SOUTH is the key word there mate. As for Drake, get off his BALLS!

  • realtalk™

    no one cares about boosie in 2012.. or 2011.. or 2010.. or