Rick Ross Cancels Remaining MMG Tour Dates

blame it on Shake December 7, 2012

death threats, Rick Ross has cancelled the remaining dates of his Maybach Music Group Tour. In a statement issued to AHH, Ricky had the following to say.

I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.

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  • skrill83

    that video is awesome...those guiys love repeating stuff over and over again....and they are killin the bandana look!

    thats why we have prisons!!


    What happen Rick Ross i thought you were a boss?



  • Bawse

    why aint he just ask Noreaga for one of those 100 favors

  • The Real Truth

    lol that boy SCAREDDDDDD!!!!!! Told people all that street talk is just talk, until some real ish happen and now he running... he better pay that TAX or he aint touring NO WHERE... watch he going to pay them that Tax and try to act like nothing happened

  • Good Peoples

    Them real goons got that boy scared ! smh

  • Ryan G

    He probably read biggies autopsy report and said "fuck that, that aint happening to me"

  • zll

    fucking pathetic. these guys need to get a life

  • James

    @Ryan G LMFAO ! ! ! ! !

  • Amygdala

    Oh dear lmao... bout time this prick got his card pulled [by those out there ACTUALLY LIVIN IT]... DON'T TALK ABOUT IT; BE ABOUT MUHFUCKA... fuckin PUSSYhole: sof' like wet flowers... #AintNoSuchThingsAsHalfwayCrooks #PsuedoRoss

    Co-sign @LAMEASF#CK, @The Real Truth and @Good Peoples.

  • madddgamer

    No @Zll Rick Ross needs to get a life. It's funny how him being a goon & boss and having (enter however many killers on his team) talk has gotten him to the point where folks want him to prove what he talks about. Practice what you preach. He should've known at some point this was going to happen. No matter how ignorant gang banging & the whole "hood life" image is, it's really people out there living & dying for their hood, so in a sense they're taking it personal and want to see if he's about what he says he's about. He not only got himself in trouble, he got innocent people in trouble too now (his label mates) all because he wants to be a tough guy, drug lord, boss.

  • thatrealshit

    we see u rick, bitch ass nigga. crawl back into watever big ass whole u came outta fat ass, u aint welcome in the streets. shout out to freeway, dude should won that lawsuit u fuckin fraud

  • Dixson

    ha ha ha i cant stand this looser or his supporters

  • Really Tho

    Rick Ross is never going to tour again.

  • Saew

    Ross what about "THESE N!GGAS WON'T HOLD ME BACK" ..Ha

  • RickRossIsTheRealDonkey

    Ross annoys the fuck outta me....
    the REAL Rick Ross dont like u, not the GDz callin u out, and u were a CO (which u denied at first) , everything about u seems fake... plus ur not even that good a rapper, just have good production n some good hooks, but on the real u played urself homie

    thats what happens when keepin it REAL goes wrong, u REAL ...... REAL FAKE
    maybe if fatboy woulda been more honest and had had more diverse subject matter i would have had some respect for the "BAWSE", but real talk i dont even like his annoying voice anyways... i was NEVER a fan

    Rick Ross Is The REAL Donkey
    hope dude falls off REAL soon .... feel bad for Wale n Meek... i actually fuck with those dudes

  • david

    I read that he disrespected founding members of the GDs on the record and threw gang signs around in a disrespectful way, brought it on himself, should be made to beg and pay his way out of it

  • LOL

    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH What a fucking FAGGOTTTTTT. Woooooow this nigga is lame as FUCK. After all that tough talk "im the boss" talkin about "street shit" and how many thugs you got behind you. This fool goes and cancels his shows cuz of death threats. lmaaaaooooooo what a fuckin corn ball. It'd be a completely different story if he didn't talk so much shit about how hard he is. If he just made music without that thug fake ass gangsta shit then ok... like, just making music with a different meaning and some lame wants to make death threats to you and you didn't start it then cool... but after all that talk?? that fake ass tough talk?? throwin up gang signs?? then canceling?? LMAAAAOOOOOOOO FAGGOT. He brought it on himself. NO EXCUSES. Shook Ones part 3 feat. Rick Ross.

  • j

    everyone talkin shit abot ross behind a computer is a bitch ass nigga, all of you wouldn't say shit to his face. none of you. y'all more lame than him, corny.

  • TruthHurths

    Well no one can say it to his face cause he is definitely in hiding. You don't understand that this is nation business and while he was doing all that tough talk and building his career on everyone else work and name, he should have just been honest. So people are just saying what is real, so don't hate on them cause they are speaking the truth about your favorite rapper.

  • FOH

    So wait, a bunch of dudes who are threatening to off this dude if he doesn't cut a check because he said their founder's name on a song AREN'T a bunch of fuck bois?.. I'm not saying the GD are anything to fuck with, but that shit is mad lame. This dude is an ACTOR, and these cats are gettin real salty over some dumb shit. How you gon look gettin life in prison cuz your murdered a nigga over a hook..? FOH with that short sighted no future bullshit.

  • FvckSwag

    @LOL .. couldn't of said it better myself cuz, lol.

    So now that its becoming more and more obvious that Ricky is a fraud, how much longer yall think MMG dick-riders still defend him.. ? Does he fall off completely or continue to be consistent.. ?

    I feel like as unfortunate as it is, most people don't give a fuck about artist credibility anymore & fans are way to gullible. I, personally, find it mad hard to listen to anyone who I KNOW isn't being themselves. Obviously rappers exaggerate.. but there's a huge difference between exaggerating & making up a completely false image.

    Suits him well that the GD's are pulling his card, I believe the first incident they're talking about is him saying 'larry hoover' on the hook of 'Blowing Money Fast'.. but like they said, he got a pass. Now they're mad because he used the same cross they use in their logo, on the cover of his newest tape. He's kinda mean muggin on there too, lol.. if he did it on purpose its funny as hell to me, stupid as fucc, but funny lmao.

  • @FvckSwag @TruthHirts @RickRossIsTheRealDonkey @maddgamer @LOL @Amygdala

    So these GD faggots are making threats because they took offense to some lyrics in a song? These dudes are sensitive as fuck. If any of their homies says one funny comment about them, these dudes will not hesitate to take out a gun and shove it in the mouth of the dude who said it while crying "what did u say *sniff* about me?!"
    only bitches get this overly sensitive.
    about ANYTHING!
    your lifestyle has been disrespected?
    what lifestyle? the lifestyle of the poor and hungry?
    thats not a lifestyle. thats America. and America has been buying this music. why? because Rick Ross is entertaining. you dont like it? dont bother with it.
    Funny how these dudes who hate on the music, STAY ON THE MUSIC!!!
    not only that, they try to figure why other people like his music so much. why he goes gold or why he can go on tour.
    Then they figure anybody listening to the music is simply "stupid."

    "DON’T TALK ABOUT IT; BE ABOUT MUHFUCKA", "Practice what you preach", "It’d be a completely different story if he didn’t talk so much shit about how hard he is"
    @Amygdala, @maddgamer, @LOL- you're talking about a man whos made it off well by "talking about it." He's a fucking RAPPER you bitch. some of you niggas are just such fucking dumbasses that i cant feel anything but sorry for you.

    "No matter how ignorant gang banging & the whole “hood life” image is, it’s really people out there living & dying for their hood, so in a sense they’re taking it personal and want to see if he’s about what he says he’s about."
    @maddgamer - what a great way to defend a bunch of niggas you dont even know, who will probably kill you too. because they really live this shit? again, sensitive ass bitches taking shit to an extreme.

    "He not only got himself in trouble, he got innocent people in trouble too now (his label mates)"

    @maddgamer - how about the GDs just, dont do shit. then "innocent" ppl wont be involved. gangbanging is the stupidest shit ever. dont even try to defend that shit.

    "maybe if fatboy woulda been more honest and had had more diverse subject matter i would have had some respect for the 'BAWSE'"

    @RickRossIsTheRealDonkey - you obviously havent listened to the niggas music. here's a few tracks, Hold Me Back, Sixteen, Diced Pineapples, all of the Maybach Music songs, All The Money In The World, Tears of Joy. and thats just a fraction of the shit hes got

    "You don’t understand that this is nation business"
    @TruthHurts - In business, nothing is personal, so why are these young GD faggots, along with you internet hating bitches taking Rick Ross so personally? sensitive niggas

    "most people don’t give a fuck about artist credibility" "I, personally, find it mad hard to listen to anyone who I KNOW isn’t being themselves."
    @FvckSwag - you are more proof that dudes take this rap shit too seriously. These young niggas nowadays feel like they need to butt in to everything and take things personally. DYEL?