• Kay’Bee

    This some sad shit to wake up too man smh

  • doworkson

    Literally just quoted the entire article.

  • f


  • koke

    No one gives a fuck about your arrest record

  • http://real-tube.net Slush

    Yeah, dats fucked up. Very sad

  • mfdoom

    shakes arrest record:

    walkin dog without a leash.

    you aint no thug nigga, dont act like ur cool cuz u got a history,
    we all got one faget

  • KB Smoka

    @mfdoom - shake didn't even write this fool

  • Jason

    Lmao,why come to this website just to talk shit about the writers? Nothing better to do than hate? Don't be so ignorant.

  • Thin Harder Niggas

    I don't know whats worse, The fact that this info says nothing new, that if the last bullet didn't hit that we'd have another legend still with us, That the doctors who wrote that autopsy were dumb as shit, or that TMZ thought it was a good idea to bring us shit that isn't even news or gossip. what do you even call old news? past events? these dudes are continuously reaching

  • A.Donley

    This is interesting! Just to find out what exactly happened and how it happened. Biggie is an inspiration to us all, so finding out the cause of death is very important, or shall i say going deeper into detail about it.


    B.I.G, 2PAC, NAS, JAY-Z, (SNOOP & DMX) TOP 5!

  • Sheridan1900

    How did the 4th bullet enter through the right hip? Wouldn't he have had to turn all the way around?

  • suckit

    Well, after getting shot in the scrotum, I'd be praying for the next bullet to kill me.

    How long before someone uses this as their album art?

  • BlackJesus

    This is inappropriate. We do not need to know the dirty details of how his body was torn to pieces before he died.

  • http://hiphopandlove.wordpress.com FUHNAHTIK

    You know, what is interesting is both 2Pac & BIG both had no traces of drug or alcohol in their system according to coroners reports - I was surprised to hear that about Tupac after reading a few books about his lifestyle, obviously he rapped about smoking weed but according to his bodyguard Frank Alexander he was ALWAYS lit. I guess I assumed being at a party prior to being shot, Biggie would've had something in his system.

  • PW

    It is shot #3 that is the mystery, he was sitting in the passenger seat - the shooter was on his right.

  • Fred

    am I the only one who thinks Biggie looks like Hit-Boy in this picture?

  • And 1

    Never knew he was only 24, he seemed much older to me as a kid. R.I.P. Big.

  • Padybu

    "And what they don't know will show on the autopsy" - Biggie (everyday struggles)

  • stuckofftherealness

    Just had to throw the loop in with Gunshot#3 didn't they ?? funny how you never heard from big's driver from that night either. Either way Biggie's death is STILL felt within the black community (along with Tupac)and should be a learning lesson that things aint always what is seems.