• jones420

    even though the bars ain't that tight it's great to see 2 legends chillin around same table

  • hiphop

    the bars werent tight!? go listen to soulja boy faggot

  • Slruim

    If only things had been different........

  • Cem

    who cares about biggie anymore. the game has changed. he wouldnt even have anything to rap about anymore....same with pac. nobody cares. hip hop is pretty much d-e-a-d.

  • Tag

    U mad Cem

  • Frank Ocean

    Good thing i didn't become a artist during these times! (Real nigga Era) or my faggot ass would have never got famous! but in 2012 (homo nigga Era) everybody love my music :)

  • QZA

    of all the posts to hate on... some of you choose to hate on this one. fuck the world

  • http://theweeknd.com theweeknd

    dead @ frank ocean