Big Boi – Mama Told Me f. Little Dragon (Original Version)

blame it on Meka December 8, 2012

Remember how Little Dragon was replaced with Kelly Rowland on Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors? Well, here is what the original would have sounded like, thanks to Big Boi letting it loose himself after he performed with Little Dragon earlier tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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  • stan the man

    wayy better than the album version. replacing it with this one.

  • adolfmayne

    This is dope imma have listen to his album big boi has always been underratted might have to go back and checkout his first one

  • Lil’ BOW DOWN

    This album is insane, buying it tuesday. Big Boi u’ve done it again.

  • jza

    UNIVERSE, U’VE DONE IIT AGAIN!!!! @adolfmayne sir lucious leftfoot is incredible. i can’t believe that it didn’t win a grammy for best rap album or even get nominated. such a great album. def check it out. VLADR is really really really great, but i still think sllf is better. both are dope as fuck.

  • slip

    agree with jza, sir lucious left foot was a realllly good album however this one is really good too but lacked a few tracks here and there i just couldnt connect with. Over-all still a very solid album.

  • adolfmayne

    @jza i did checkout it out when it first came out but never gave it a full listen only had that tagarine remix and lookin for ya

  • jape

    yumi > kelly

  • brite

    Aw, you shoulda embed the fallon performance, shit was awesome.

  • OutKastWithaK

    I’m probably gonna get flack for this because this site is full of hipsters, but I don’t think this version is any better than the one with Kelly on it. tbh I like the one with Kelly better actually since her hook repeats the “mama told me” part after each line in the chorus and it sounds empty in this version to me without that happening

  • Butters

    I prefer Kelly

  • Omar

    Yeah i honestly like the Kelly Rowland version better, not that this is bad, but like OutKastWithaK said, it feels empty without the “mama told me”

  • BoeingBruh

    great album. don’t sleep on it.


    the live version is way better, and kelly’s singing closely resembles yukimi singing live

  • Garth

    it’s not being a hipster to prefer one artist to another

  • Lance Geneva

    Yeah, I like the Kelly version better.. And trust me, I WANTED to like this one better just because of the indie factor.. As lame and hipsterish as that sounds lol.. Kellys vocals are WAY more vibrant than Yumis and like someone mentioned before me, she repeats the “mama told me” part, which makes the hook more easily accessible !