Brooklyn Nets TV Intro Spot (prod. Marco Polo) (Video)

blame it on JES7 December 8, 2012

Here’s the official TV spot that will be used by the Nets as both their intro and outro, produced by the one and only Marco Polo. Good looks on the heads up J57!

You don’t have to be a patron of the Barclays Center to be familiar with the soundscape that’s now symbolic of the Brooklyn Nets. The anthemic horns and infectious beat, produced by the Brooklyn by way of Toronto producer Marco Polo, is also used as officially licensed music for the Nets, courtesy of the YES Network, the team’s official cable broadcast channel. Those that tune into the games will be sure to recognize the animated video clip, which is used at both the intro and outro of all their broadcasts, as well as during highlights, commentary, and transitioning to and from commercial breaks. The instrumental, which is now available for stream, is also played during the games in the house that Hov built.

  • Tracy

    This is dope!

  • Hov would sound good on this.

  • realtalk™


  • dontworryboutthename

    marco polo, best Toronto producer ever. good hit homie

  • Sinister

    Bk nets are wak they dont got shit on the real ny team the knicks

  • Marco Polo >

  • Adi


  • I can honestly say I am surprised AS HELL though chose Marco Polo! He deserves it! Too this day I still blast Nostalgia from the Port Authority album.

  • Käne

    they better start winning some more games i know that much

  • calob


  • Troyork

    Isn’t that the same sample for “Roc Boys?”

  • @troyork nah but same vibe