• Adi

    Yeah, liking the sound of this shit!

  • Rezo

    Still not use to Kiss with hair. lol

  • Mike

    Good to hear

  • GiZA

    This better be a classic to live up to that name...

  • war22

    this nigga is so washed up...he will run to Wayne evetually and ask for a collab ...he fucked up his fans,he's getting old and we will soon forget about him...thats what happens when u fuck ur fan core by doing songs with MMG and YM

  • Druggid

    @war22 Not that I agree with you, but he already did, Death Wish. Which was actually pretty fucking nice. Hopefully he doesnt keep moving in the direction of that last mixtape though, I couldnt even listen to it front to back.

  • sirsaff

    This nigga getting raped on that screenshot though.