Saturday Night Sexy: Stephanie Santiago

blame it on Illy December 8, 2012

Twitter: @StephsDope

Stephanie Santiago, whose Instagram flicks could probably take out a large chunk of your day, showed us what we all wanted for our birthday in 2 Chainz and Kanye’s “Birthday Song” music video and is showing us even more for tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy. Hit the jump for more eye candy from the Puerto Rican vixen.

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  • x32

    All i want for my birthday, is a big booty hoe..

  • brite

    She aight.


  • gbreeze

    bitch is aiight, id still fuck. but i seen better lookin hoes at mcdonalds fam

  • Frank Oceann

    I co-sign @gbreeze

    These hoes look nasty! were is the dick ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Papi Chulo

    “She got a big booty, so I call her BIG BOOTY!”

    I really should’ve paid attention in spanish class.

  • yeah she’s definetley attainable…….the question is whats her mind like…..her morals….id just wanna fuck could never wife up a broad like that

  • disdatfiya


  • who cares

    Dat ass!

  • i wish all these “models” did porn or at least had a pornstar look-a-like :(

  • moshizzle

    DAT ASS!!!

  • meh

    shes trying too hard to look sexy.

  • fuck what you think

    she just looks fat

  • BobDutato

    A bunch of fags on here. This bitch is bad as fuck

  • poetic assasin

    I wouldn’t say she is the baddest in the world, but I want to see some pics of the girls that you all have – every woman posted up here yall dont like — Stephanie is sexy though.

  • MewLover34

    8-minute WSHH video on YouTube, watch that if you are doubting this broad. Words can’t describe…

  • 1hunnit

    “She got an ass that would swallow up a g-string..”

  • rich

    most of the niggas who comment on this site are single virgins who were too scared to talk to the neighbor they had a crush on since they were 6. These are verified undisputed facts

  • Undisputed Fact

    @Rich Okay playa, the first 3 out of 4 comments confirmed what I know I was at least thinkin: she ain’t that bad. Actually, she’s just not bad. Niggas don’t need to have had a botched crush on a neighbor to know that. They just need to have standards, my nigga. Ever think that its just the other way around and you could be a chubby chaser? I damn well know this much: an ass like that NEVER, AND I MEAN, NEVER EVER, looks as good in person… as it does in photoshop. (Not even Nicki Minaj’s ass, and her ass has all the resources in the world.) Thats an undisputed fact.

  • D

    Only Scott could describe what I would do to this chick.

  • datdude

    one of the baddest females out there…..been goin gaga over her since that WSHH video

  • Isayughh

    holy mother of jesu cristo!!!

  • oya

    after you see the before surgery pictures it completely ruins it.

  • Aye

    Co sign Bishop of the Eastside to the max

  • BangBangBang

    you the tattoo artist, do you charge$ or take other “considerations”?


    the bitch is BAD!!! Id pay just to smell her fart!

  • WHAT!

    “She got beautiful aeriolas,” a mean cameltoe, fat ass & pretty face! DIME! Fuck ya’ll homos.

  • ReallyTho

    Lol bish has no neck…some of yall nggaz act like ya never seen p*ssy before…lookin at the same ole horse buket naket booty ho*z and get all excited as if this bish is the first bish ya seen like that?? bishes like that come a dime a dozen aint sh*t new but the bish first & last name other then that all these bishes yall post on here look and are undressed alike..internet yank ya ballz thugz jackn off to these pigz in lipsticks…foh…take yo a** to ya nearest skrippa club and youll find ya a dupilcate just without the fame or notability AND PHOTOSHOP.