2Deep: The Biggie Film Vault Edition

blame it on JES7 December 8, 2012

Although these vids have been floating around the YouTubes for awhile now, some may have never seen these, especially considering that it’s hard to navigate through all the trash that permeates YouTube. Up top, Biggie and entourage, including Dream Hampton who shot this footage, get kicked out of their hotel while on tour. A rare glimpse into the personal life of BIG on tour. Down bottom, BIG is interviewed while on the set of the video shoot for Warning where he talks about his relationship with his Moms, deading the name “Biggie Smalls”, and tells us “Don’t play Kwame, he’s waaack!”

2Pac & Biggie Freestyle

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  • jones420

    even though the bars ain’t that tight it’s great to see 2 legends chillin around same table

  • hiphop

    the bars werent tight!? go listen to soulja boy faggot

  • Slruim

    If only things had been different……..

  • Cem

    who cares about biggie anymore. the game has changed. he wouldnt even have anything to rap about anymore….same with pac. nobody cares. hip hop is pretty much d-e-a-d.

  • Tag

    U mad Cem

  • Frank Ocean

    Good thing i didn’t become a artist during these times! (Real nigga Era) or my faggot ass would have never got famous! but in 2012 (homo nigga Era) everybody love my music :)

  • QZA

    of all the posts to hate on… some of you choose to hate on this one. fuck the world

  • dead @ frank ocean