Game – Murder f. Scarface & Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Miss_Peas December 9, 2012

Game brings the heat for the last installment in his “Sunday Service” series. The artwork above is the original track listing for Jesus Piece (Dec. 11). Including the songs that got cut due to sample clearance issues.

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  • Butterfly

    I am not a big Game fan but i like the album and think its better than any dj khaled or dj drama compilation

  • This shit RIGHT HERE nigga…

  • Good Peopes

    Any thing with Kendrick on it you faggot niggas will like it

  • Joe

    lowkey im kinda happy kendrick didnt have a verse.. game just sounded to smoooth on this


    I think this is game best Album , eh?


  • 1

    defiantly not his beats album but some very nice jaws on it fasho
    needed some nottz n just blaze production to take it up a notch tho

  • sdadasdas

    what the hell is wrong with Game not putting this song on the album?,if it was more songs like this on it it would actually be great.

  • Eric Cartman

    His album is definitely dope. I wonder why some of these tracks ain’t land on the album. Either way this is slick and the album is arguably his best (depending on taste).

  • poetic assasin


  • Keebo

    Same sample is used on “breakfast at Epiphanies” by the flatbush zombies.. basically the same beat, just more mellow drums on this one than the FZs.

  • Coach Ditka

    Shit is blah af dickriding ass faggots

  • sEOs

    Any thing with TDE on it you faggot niggas will like it

  • QZA

    Any thing with TDE on it you faggot niggas will like it
    sEOs said this on December 9th, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Any thing with Kendrick on it you faggot niggas will like it
    Good Peopes said this on December 9th, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    ^^ same guy… cool

  • Bobby Bats

    Game couldnt get Murder, Rollin, or Stripper on the album because he couldn’t get the samples cleared

  • HesusDuece

    Dope what’s with all the hate on game atleast he don’t make children’s songs like ymcmb

  • 7 out of 10

    this ok, smooth shit, but the subject dont really match

  • fuck what you think

    Laughing at you fools wondering why Game didn’t put certain tracks on the album.. do you know anything at all about Hip Hop?

    There’s a little thing called sample clearing, and if you can’t do that, you can’t put the song on your album because its illegal. Most of the time that is the reason that dope tracks don’t make it onto albums.

  • GiZA

    Does anyone else care that Scarface just dropped an ILL fucking verse on this??

  • Kendrick didn’t even have a verse on this, why is that dude complaining? and still, game’s second verse just did the whole song for me. Scarface has a great verse too. definitely a song I could listen to while driving.

  • Schoolboywithattitude

    Sample clearing is too cruel. This would’ve been perfect for the album.

  • Schoolboywithattitude

    Then again, us digital audio listeners can just put the actual tracklist together.

  • niggaslovedoja

    game ruined a great song…fuk boi kept dropping names…i swear this nigga doesnt kno how to rap at all..basic ass nigga…if scarface was on my album and i rapped, i would have tore my heart up and making best verse ever or soemthing…fuk boi googles hes “metaphors”

  • This song is like when [insert name] died. Or the time [insert name] lied. Got shot playing Madden and I survived.

  • Flip

    Game’s album is a CLASSIC!!!!!

  • 2

    still amazed by how good this album is. yes, it is carried by the production, but the lyrics aren’t bad and it definitely surpassed my expectations given his last album. shit’s been on repeat for a week now

  • The Mechanic

    Face Mob!

  • wow2thet

    Why is his still name droppin in his lines? thats not a style.]

    Kendrick and Scarface>>>

  • real dope beat, game is alright.
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  • marty mcfly

    Games album aint classic but its definitely one of the best albums this year if not thee best album this year but I think its passed the cut off for 2012 so it really counts for next year. Its just a really good album, a classic is something on another level.

  • david

    @marty Public Enemy put out 2 albums nicer than this, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, 9th Wonder and Buckshot, 9th Wonder and Murs, Murs and Fashawn, Blu & Exile, JJ DOOM, Homeboy Sandman, Ackryte, Nas, Showbiz & AG, OC & Apollo Brown, Planet Asia, Vinnie Paz all dropped albums better than Jesus Piece this year and that’s just off the top of my head, nice beat and Scarface verse though

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Ummm NO… Nas & OC maybe and idk if thats even the case in comparison but those other albums NO.

  • marty mcfly

    @david, put it like this, one thing Game does is make music for everybody (underground & Mainstream). Nas gets ridiculed for being in the mainstream as if he has a choice or something. He made Summer On Smash and people got the nerve to be mad about it like he’s outta place for doing it. Game on the other hand brings both sides of the “game” into his world on the album and by giving it the Jesus Piece theme, you almost have to respect it cause what you gonna do? Hate on Jesus? That was a joke btw but just saying, Game delivered with this album.

  • DX

    More like the producers and ghostwriters delivered with the album. Fucking clowns. You can hear Ye all over this album, “Ye will have a big hand in this album.” Shit I think I even heard J. Cole in some of his verses you niggas is stupid.

  • MacDoober

    sounds like a weak version of saigon’s “blown away” if you ask me. and werent they on rapfix live at the same time? ironic…games bitin sai’s song idea’s

  • david

    @marty and I bet you thought Watch The Throne was album of the year 2011 too haha, Game tracks sound like TMZ articles spat over generic beats with some simple braggadocio lines about what he wears at clubs

  • david

    No one delivered with the album. The producers, writers and performers brought nothing new and nothing of a quality close to the material released this year alone by any of the artists I mentioned, and I’m not knocking Nas, Life is Good is a top 3 album this year

  • FaceMob verse Sick!!! Cool track , sumthin to vibe to in the whip! The comments Wow!

  • marty mcfly

    @david, NO I thought Cats & Dogs was the best album of 2011 and I wrote a bunch of comments about why. Nobody agreed with me and I didnt give a fuck and when people said WTT was album of the year, I quickly said it was not (even though it was dope and it did to the most for the culture overall). I judge music for the music first and I dont just put the artists over the music right away. The times Jayz delivered the best albums of the year, it wasn’t just cause he’s Jayz, its cause he just made better albums period. Now as far as Nas vs Game goes, people automatically hate Game and love Nas for anything he does. So we cant really get into the music because people gonna say anything Nas does is legend and anything Game does is wack. In reality Game got Nas with Jesus Piece. Life is Good does have its low points. So does Game’s album but again when you consider the context of religion throughout Games album, that sends are far more effective message then Life Is Good. As for bars? If you think somebody else wrote Game’s music then whoever wrote it gave him better material then even their own albums cause Game was spittin for the whole Jesus Piece so the bars was there and on point like a mothafucka. Game got Nas just like he did with his verse when they did the video for We Make The World Go Round with Chris Brown. Its gonna hard to honestly show where another album topped Jesus Piece. Im sure it can be done BUT Game got so much material on the album that unless you bringing up F&L2 then I just dont see another album more solid then Games album.

  • marty mcfly

    And just like Letter To The King and Hustlers, Game got Nas album wise this year.

  • Joe

    ^ and lets be honest… nas can get a lil boring at times

  • 1hunnit

    @Marty: This is a great album and all, don’t get me wrong. I’m actually really surprised how good it is actually. But how can you say its better than Life is Good? You’re right about F&L2 but Life is Good maybe arguably better than that as well.

  • marty mcfly

    @1hunnit, I’ll say this about F&L2 and you can apply it to Jesus Piece in regards to why I feel those albums are both better then Life Is Good and YES I realize everybody has an opinion so if you think Nas album is better thats cool. It comes down to this question. What are we talking about here? as far as subject matter that is. Now F&L2 has so much thats wrong with it that its almost hard to come back from. 1st Lupe is coming off Lasers, which hip hop purists hated, just like some hated the RED album. Also F&L2 had the worst album cover of the year, it had weak promo, weak delivery as far as building hype. The beats are not cohesive and they could have been better BUT after all that F&L2 still stands for something. You can break down the title which is Food meaning good and Liquor meaning bad and The Great American Rap Album meaning get ready for some rappity rap rap and its in the context of explaining the american experience through Lupe’s eyes. Now I can go into detail about the songs and the videos for it but you can listen and watch for yourself again and hear that what Lupe is saying on the album is on a totally different kind of level then the rest of the albums this year. Game’s obviously dealing with religion on Jesus Piece but at the same time its coming from the same person everybody hates and paints as a villain. I dont know why but it is what it is. With black folks religion is a big deal buts its not really spoke on except for on Sunday and to hear it coming from Game that opens the door for conversation about it. Now you can also pick apart Jesus Piece and you’ll hear all type of dope shit and things that seem like contradicting messages but its coming from a real place. Life Is Good has its dope moments and of course its Nas so just his name alone carries alot of weight and its only a few low points on the album because most of it is dope but what Jesus Piece and F&L2 had over Life Is Good was two very strong themes. Nas gave you that golden era vibe again but Lupe explain the mentality of the whole country from culture to politics and it was during the most important election of our time and still he had time to rappity rap on certain songs. Jesus Piece did the same thing just from Games perspective. At times when Nas got more comfortable and laid back on his album just talking about his relationship and his ups and downs, Lupe got more in depth and more complicated on his album and same with Game. I could go on but you get the point.

  • Curt McGirt

    Dope song. Stop bitching and just listen. Mufuckas be on some ungrateful arms crossed shit for real…


  • 1hunnit

    @Marty: Interesting point. Well like I said, F&L2 and Life is Good are pretty close (in my opinion of course, appreciate you pointing that out btw) so I’m not gonna necessarily disagree with you there. I do think Nas had a clear theme on his album, its just not as “global” as Lupe’s or Games, its very personal. The albums theme can be seen that despite any trials, problems or tragedy that someone face it can be overcome with the right mindset. He illustrates this through his own problems and the problems of others, and also shows off how good hes been since hes overcome such adversities. This to me makes the theme more relate-able than Game’s album, which I think gives it the edge and makes it a better album.

  • Stephanie

    Ugh, one of my biggest pet peeves with Game has been and always will be, until the day he quits doing it, is his name dropping. Like, damn, you really ain’t gotta do all that and I don’t give a fuck if it goes with the story of the song. That shit is annoying. Cut it out.