• Real Talk

    Featuring Taylor Swift?

    I'm tired of this POP trash. GTFOH

  • Astro

    If only he would hold back his rapping

  • http://2dopeboyz yeaaahh

    B.o.B is an ARTIST not just a rapper, so I don't understand when people start bitchin' and call him a sell out. You expect him to just rap when he's that talented?? True artist!

  • who cares

    smh this dude has fallin off so hard.
    @yeaaahh - We know he's an artist. His acoustic shit is beautiful, but a rock album? Nah. Plus that doesn't take away from the fact that both of his albums were commercial as fuck and that mixtape he just released was garbage. Dude is trash now.

  • Really Tho

    Who the fuck is B.O.B.?

    No seriously who the fuck is this B.O.B.
    This guy sucks

  • TAV662

    what happened to the B.o.B. vs BobbyRay mixtape version of this guy??? that tape was jumpin....and then.....