James Brown & 2pac - Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable)

For the title track to the Django Unchained OST (Dec. 18), Tupac's engineer Claudio Cueni blends Pac's "Untouchable" the sounds of James Brown's "The Payback." Digging the result? Let us know in the c-section..

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  • 1

    gets pretty good after the long ass intro

  • Very decent after the first minute and a half.

  • Picture ‘Em Rollin

    Dooooope... Pac and J.B. live on...


  • Mr. 11 and a half Inch

    quentin tarantino is a racist motherfucker. boycott this movie with me. #BlackPower

  • TheDon

    ^ no


    this is a awful mash up unbearable to listen to


    Im glad real niggas like Biggie and Pac are dead! b/c my faggot ass career would be over! I wouldn't last two seconds in the Pac & Big era! But 2012 (Homo nigga Era) ill be just fine!

  • Lil Wayne

    @FRANK OCEAN You tell em BOO!

  • Drake

    @FRANK OCEAN You stole all my homo swag you fruitcup

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    its great to see pac get a placement on a major soundtrack, and its pretty good haha

  • roy

    shits weak. niggas be rating shit based on nostalgia not quality. same niggas will never play this song ever again. posers

  • Davey

    dope but i think it might have been the wrong choice of vocals to blend, something just seems off about it


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