Mike WiLL Made It – The Turn Up f. Trindad James [CDQ]

blame it on Meka December 10, 2012

This track is frenetic, schizophrenic and noisy as shit. In other words, it will crack off in a party atmosphere. Mike WiLL’s Est. In 1989 2.5 drops December 24th.

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  • crown vik

    they asked who the wackest i said “Bitch it is you!!”

  • randy

    ^why even type that predictable wack shit

  • realtalk™

    My guess is that there was a message in that comment.. that message being that THIS IS WACK AF

  • nate86

    man why you fucks even hating on this…. i think to be a fan of hip hop you need to really appreciate the entire spectrum. from lyrical, jazz inspired joints like ATCQ, to ratchet, trap turnt up shit like trini james. this shit goes.

  • red

    Liking this garbage makes you a fan of hip hop? You’re tripping

  • marty mcfly (if I dont like it I dont like it, that dont mean that im hatin

    @nate86, If were gonna be hip hop fans lets at least be honest about it. If a song is not good then its just not good. We shouldn’t have to sugar coat it just so people feel better. Trinidad is now the next “fill in the blank” guy in hip hop so people gonna say if anybody says he’s wack their just hating. Id say just listen to the song and be honest about it. If some nigga on the block tried to rap this song to you, you’d prolly tell the fool to get lost but since Jerome is famous now we gotta say its dope. Fuck NO

  • SforMusic

    have you guys ever thought of a song as a good song instead of a “fill in the blank” rap song … i mean my God lighten up, some hip hop fans are too caught up in their imaginary expectations to like something for what it is.. people like trini james for the same reason ppl like kendrick lamar .. for what they are as rappers, if u dont like it dont comment on it cos u are gonna be seen as a hater simply because out of how many good music there are around in this site u could have liked and supported u decided to critique

  • marty mcfly

    I made no comparisons, (especially not between this and Kendrick). I had no expectations, im not always expecting a serious song etc etc. I dont care if its a buffoonish song for the club vs a lyrical song because I like club song. There is no one label that fits anybody who dont like this shit so just because somebody says this just aint that dope doesn’t mean they hate the world. I simply was honest about the music. That dont make me a hater and just like your entitled to your opinion, im entitled to mine.

  • marty mcfly

    Labels must have commercialized the word “hater” in order to keep feeding some of you trash until you actually like it.

  • The comment box below was left for our comments. With that said: THIS IS NOISE, that’s it. It ain’t fun, serioius, uplifting, nor does it contain substantial content. And for those of you still living ignorant, honesty does not mean hate.

  • Lyrical Accountants,you fuckboys kill me…music is subjective,it’s not for everybody,you like what you like,no need to spread your dumb ass opinions on whether you hate it or not…if you don’t like it,stay out of the blog post #Simple