• Dixson

    This will be one of those tracks i skip past on the album

  • K-eazy


  • Lance Geneva

    God damn, TIP is on fire right now ! Trouble Man is getting copped and I don't even buy albums like that lol

  • dope

    i'm a t.i. fan but goddamn this is the 5th single and the album isn't even out yet; Not including the other 4 singles that were released but won't make the album.

  • el rey

    Nice !!

  • jundamane24

    smooth shit, i fucks wit it

  • king

    best rapper alive

  • SMF

    yea, i might gotta cop this shit too. and i dont buy albums like that either, but i fucks wit good music. and tip been super consistent ever since he came home

  • As-Hole

    "Hello" from King album > this

  • sno

    t.i has not been cutting it lately.