Young Scooter – Julio f. Future

blame it on Meka December 10, 2012

Scoot and Strugs craft a cut based off the second-year wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. I anticipate that someone will refer to cocaine as “Shake” and/or “Meka” sooner than later.

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    I feel like you guys have been snorting that Meka every time you post this wack nigga Future.

  • ^LOL!!!!

    I’m a big Falcons fan…why couldn’t have been some better artists have done this?… *shamefully DLs the track*

  • K-eazy

    DIRTY BIRDS RISE UP. They would release this a day after we lose….lol

  • RSX


  • solking10

    agree with everything @shadowsamurai

  • trey

    only an insecure sheep feels shame for downloading a song they like. dont stay off the bandwagon too long, boy

  • Stopit5

    ^^^ agree

    That’s the problem with the people who frequent this site. They think that they have to like music from Cunnynlinguist, Homeboy Sandman, or TiRon…and never anything from someone like Future,Wayne, or T-Pain. “You’re not a real hip hop head if you listen to mainstream” lol

    Sooner or later people are going to realize, that you don’t have to pretend to not like something just because your “favorite” blogger doesn’t lol.

  • realtalk™

    ^Exactly.. I try to tell my homies too.. for instance Drake is a simp ass n*gga but he definitely got skills so he’s bound to make music I like every once in a while and I’m not gonna ignore that shit I like just because I usually don’t like him..

    Ironically in this “IDGAF/fuck the haters” era, people care way too much about what people think of them..