2DBZ Presents DJ Eclipse: Give the DJ a Break ep.5

blame it on JES7 December 11, 2012

By now, some of you may have heard the Hot 97 fuckery that went down a couple of days ago. If not, let us catch you up real quick. Hot 97’s program director Ebro, while on Peter Rosenberg’s The Realness, took shots at artists like Flatbush Zombies, Joey Bada$$ and Sean Price whom he considered “minor league” rap. Ebro further ranted on, saying these artists are “Still on the come up. We put em on Peter Rosenberg’s Real Late Show until they make it to prime time.” Sean Price, who is by no means “on the come up” (Heltah Skeltah, anyone?), is not one to bite his tongue, and took to Twitter to express his sentiments on the subject:

The big homie DJ Eclipse, who’s currently on tour in Europe with La Coka Nostra, heard about this fuckery and decided to write in his thoughts on the subject.

DJ Eclipse: “Radio, 97 Never Plays Me”

Well, they did for a short time in the mid-90s anyway. By now I’m sure most of you have heard the statement made by Ebro of Hot 97 who is the Program Director up there. When asked why they don’t play more New York based artists his response was, “We support those records, but those are for the minor leagues right now” (allocating them to Rosenberg’s show). Granted, most of the groups he goes on to mention ARE new artists. Maybe they DO need to put out a few more records before getting rotation. Hell, I’m not even sure if all the acts he named even have sellable albums out. BUT, where I wholeheartedly disagree with him is when he mentions acts like Sean Price whose career not only has grown as a solo artist since his beginnings in Heltah Skeltah, but is also one of the bigger independent artists out now and can probably take the throne for “most featured on a record.”

But let’s not stop there. How about other New York/New Jersey acts like Masta Ace, Freddie Foxxx, M.O.P., Craig G, Large Professor, Dres, Pacewon, Talib Kweli, Public Enemy, Sadat X, Buckshot, Raekwon and El-P – what, they are not “new” enough? Ok, how about Torae, Skyzoo, Roc Marciano, Rasheed Chappell, Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Homeboy Sandman, Immortal Technique, Brown Bag AllStars, AWAR…all acts from the New York/New Jersey region and all have put out NEW material for SALE over the last year. Let’s keep going though. Let’s not alienate acts from across the U.S. that came up on that “New York Sound” like Slaine, Chino XL, Bishop Lamont, Evidence, Termanology, Phonte, Big Pooh, Freeway, Guilty Simpson, Sick Jacken, Planet Asia, Apathy, Brother Ali, Blacastan….this is just off the top of the head. There’s a ton more, but these are acts that are a staple in our culture and aren’t going away. And that’s not to say that every record made by these artists are commercial radio playable, but you could definitely find enough material here to help balance out a 2012 commercial radio playlist. One could also argue the point that the lack of Hot 97’s support to Tri-State artists have caused New York City itself to go into a downwards spiral. Venues are not pulling the amount of people they were several years ago for these types of artists. Record stores that once flourished solely on Hip Hop music (and specifically local acts) are now extinct forcing whatever Hip Hop is left in NYC to be displayed in a bin amongst every other genre of music. Sure, technology and the economy are bigger factors in this plague, but one can only wonder what might have been if there was a stronger support system here.

But why should we be surprised at Hot 97’s stance? Commercial radio as a whole has never supported these kinds of artists during the day. When Red Alert and Marley Marl had the two biggest shows on the airwaves it was delegated to nighttime mix shows. During the day you would here R&B….and Hammer and Vanilla Ice if you were lucky. But when Hot 97 changed formats around ’93 or ’94, adopting the slogan “Where Hip Hop Lives,” it went from playing freestyle music to Mobb Deep album cuts. That raised the bar and set new standards for what New Yorkers expected from their radio stations. When shows like Boogie & The Barber (Stretch & Bobbito) got picked up by Hot 97 it further cemented the angle Hot was taking. The same way they set the bar for radio, the New York music scene in the mid-90s also set the standard as to what great music could sound like. MC’s like Nas, Biggie, Jay & Wu further propelled the style of those that came before them. Producers like DJ Premier adapted to sampling issues and started chopping up sounds taking his beats to another level. The bar was set so high in that era that the “standard” of what Hip Hop is supposed to sound like hasn’t swayed much. And when you hear music from all of the above mentioned artists you’re hearing them applying that same “standard” to their version of 2012 music. If the Bugatti Veyron suddenly took a backseat to a Hyundai Accent in popularity because they were all of a sudden “trendy”, that doesn’t change the fact that the Bugatti is a superior car. Setting standards. Now as far as what you hear on commercial radio during the day? I can’t relate to it. People tell me “well, it’s not for you it’s for the kids”. Huh? Wasn’t Nas and Mobb Deep and Wu and CNN and all of them teenagers when they were first making records? Why didn’t their shit sound dumbed down like what we here now? But let me not hate. I’m just frustrated.

The whole reason why we are ALL upset at this Hot 97 situation though is because they’re not giving us the same quality and variety that we’ve grown accustomed to from a NYC station. Well, those of us who still choose to listen to them. And that right there is why we shouldn’t complain. In 2012 you now have internet radio, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, college/community radio shows, podcasts and blogs (where most people go to hear new music first). So shout out to those that carry the torch in continuing to push this music form forward such as Premier, Da Beatminerz, Tony Touch, Statik Selektah, Freddie Foxxx, DJ Scratch, J Smooth, Sucio Smash, Maseo as well as many others. And shout out to Enuff, Camilo, Flex, Cee and Rosenberg up at Hot 97 that do what they can when they can to make a difference. As I’m typing this, I’m in Europe for the 4th time this year touring with ILL BILL, Vinnie Paz, Pharoahe Monch, O.C., A.G. and DJ Boogie Blind. All incredible artists who have put out new music in 2012 and keeps us all continuously touring the planet. Tonight’s show in Austria was a sold out show at a 750 capacity venue. Yesterday’s in Italy was 1500. Nothing minor about that in my book.

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  • EricDean

    Maybe if half of the people aspiring to be rappers would aspire to be creators of media outlets, we’d be in a better position. Too many people trying to get on the limited number of platforms out there. Create more platforms.

  • paul

    honestly fuck the radio.

  • Realest shit I’ve read in a minute ..

  • jedi

    NY rappers have to pay dues but a dude from ATL who’s only been rapping for 6 months gets full support from ebro & co. riiiiiiiiiiiiight

  • nibs

    some good points, too bad he spells “hear” h-e-r-e

    • Greg forktus

      @Nibs…Out of the whole article, all you could “here” was a fucking typo? Armchair critic.

  • Thomas


  • I host a hip-hop show every wednesday at my university radio station.
    Only a few people listen to it, but they let me know that they love it and encourage me to keep doing it. Hell, I even got RTs from from people like King I Divine and K. Sparks.
    Minor? It means the world to me.

  • Wu

    Speak on it!!!!

  • (teddy buckshot shottas hand clap) thats what im talking about ericdean. thats what we really need. the stupid think that is that most of the artist that hot97 interviews dont even have songs playing on the radio. and as we’ve learned this year, RADIO IS NO REALLY THAT IMPORTANT!!! artist like macklemore are doing better numbers as indie artist than the artist on majors.

  • marty mcfly

    This is my problem with radio and program directors. They just do their jobs like robots and then try to give the artists rules to follow in order to get some play. Somebody remind Ebro’s dumbass that not only is rapping a skill but so is radio. We all know what an MC has to do to get on. 1 make incredible music, then consistently keep making incredible music. Then to get respected as a lyricist, if one should choose to go that route (salute to the ones that do), come up with the dopest lyrics you can on every song. Now what happens if the same rapper says the same rhyme twice and the fans pick up on it? They say oh shit, he’s falling off. Well guess what mothafuckas, DJING IS CUT FROM THAT SAME CLOTH, ITS AN ELEMENT OF HIP HOP. If these fools gonna play music 24/7 but dont know how to break new records and dont know how to support their own artists or just dope artists in general then they have forgotten what being a DJ is all about. Yes I know they have to take it up the ass from program directors like Ebro but at the same time a Djs loyalty must be to the culture and the streets first or else dont be walking around the city like you run shit if you aint pushing the culture forward. If you gonna play some R&B pop shit everyday of the week and cant figure out how to be a real DJ and break new records and come up with new mixes then get the fuck off the radio. I say all that to say this, if the MCs have to be so great at what they do to have great careers and longevity then I feel its only right that when these robots get on radio they have to be great as well. Dont just run down a list of songs on the program directors list all day everyday. Play the shit the streets wanna hear and the shit that gets played in the car, not just the bullshit that white girls in the suburbs like. FIN

  • Mike

    I see it like this – Let’s take Raekwon. Raekwon may be still relevant now in hip hop and is a legend, but his music never grew with the time as Jay-Z’s career did for example. Because he was Major League before doesn’t mean he can’t go down to the Minor League. MJ was “MJ” in the Bulls, not in the Wizards. You don’t have to be trendy to stay Major, but you sure as hell have to evolve. Example: Premier’s sound is a trademark NY 90’s sound, which he has rarely altered. Shit’s still hot but it’s not what this and the last decade of hip hop wants. Clear proof: Kendrick Lamar, Big Boi, Kanye West. All 3 are not trendy but they provide what this generation of hip hop wants. You can see throught their careers how they’ve maintened themselves in the Major League, as compared to Raekwon…..dk if I made my self clear but there really isn’t a wrong way to look at this situation…..

  • marty mcfly

    @Mike, Yeah but Reakwon and Premo still have a fanbase so you cant say its not what people want if Rae and Premo both still have careers that continue to move because of their fans. Rae’s OB4CL2 still sold more records with his dirty underground style then most of the major artists do even with their big radio records. My thing is if Rae or Premo or any artists of that category puts out a new project then it really doesn’t hurt radio to play it. Give Rae his 4 mins outta 100s of hours per month on the radio and then go back to the bullshit.

  • Eclipse is 45 years old. Everybody he named is 35-40 years old. These old ass clowns need to let go. They ARE minor league. If you haven’t popped by 35, let go bcause you look silly.

  • marty mcfly

    Its not about old vs young. Its about how much respect the hip hop culture has for radio, especially for Hot97. So for the station to shit on most of the artists, especially the most talented ones. Thats kinda crazy. MCs have made it a point throughout hip hop history to give the DJs their respect. Not just because the have the power to play records but because thats just how its supposed to be. Again DJing is an element of hip hop. So if the artists have to be popular (meaning pop culture wise) just to get played on the same radio station that hardcore hip hop had a big influence on making popular in the first place. Thats wack cause lets be real, the same artists that people my say are old and irrelevant are the same people that helped set down the blueprint and the music that Hot97 was feeding off for years. COMEONSON dont forget where you came from. Alot of these Djs make a name for themselves by doing gigs for artists early in their careers but then get to the station and forget that same artist.

    • Greg

      Not 45 ass clown. Not everyone cares to sell out and be mainstream. Some want to preserve the art and keep it pure, and they are content doing so, not putting out disposable fast food music that has a catchy beat but aint talk about shit.

  • marty mcfly

    Or rather, they forget that same kind of artist. No other form of music actually gives a fuck about radio. Hip Hop artists are the only ones that shout out stations at concerts, run around getting Djs to host their mixtapes and run around giving them new records to play all year and personally come to the station repeatedly to do interviews and freestyles. All that helps make stations like Hot97 make more money. It may not pay most the bills but it adds on and helps out so dont try to dictate to the artists what they need to do to get played if they obviously been busting their ass for years to get played. Example Sean Price. Why do you think MCs used to be grouped with Djs in the first place? Because one hand washes the other, meaning at some point all MCs will experience a time when what their doing doesn’t seem to be “popular”. Well thats when a dope DJ comes in a breaks a new record (from an artists like Sean P), in a way that leaves the listener wanting to hear more. Once the hip hop radio Djs forget the fundamentals of the art itself its not a good thing and even though its 2012 now, the art of hip hop was built a certain way for a reason and artists like Sean P shouldn’t be shitted on just because he aint in skinny jeans or because he aint “popular” this week.

  • Wonton Soup


  • godcypherdivine

    750 and 1500 people with ~10 acts is PRETTY FUCKING MINOR if you ask me…………………..MSG (where the MAJOR LEAGUE plays) holds about about 18K…………….as for the radio—no hip hop heads would want to deal with all the bullshit played in between just to hear a “Mayhem Lauren” song it doesn’t even make sense it’s like asking 106&park to throw an action bronson video on every so often it doesn’t work and FINALLY FUCK FUCKING ROSENBERG!!!!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    106nPark did let Rapsody perform today though and they spent about 10mins just talking about The Idea Of Beautiful album. If they only come on for two hours a day and Hot97 got all day long, 7 days a week. They could at least give some artist that actually been putting in work a spin instead of just playing bullshit on repeat all day.

  • HonestAbe

    @marty mcfly stop dick riding commercial radio. It’s a dying media. Internet runs shit. Y’all narrow minded mf’ers give too much respect to a nonsense ass commercial radio outlet that plays fuckery. Peep podcasts, blogs, and streams and stop with your archaic thinking. Hoping some clown ass station gives respect? They’re owned by the same corporations that own the radio stations to push artists owned by the labels under the same umbrella. You all look like a bunch of assholes begging for attention. Y’all stupid mf’ers have the world in your hands, but you’re looking to a dying form of media to try and help your dumb asses out. Fuck Eclipse and his wack ass college radio show, Fuck Hot 97. Emancipate your self and stop begging for attention from retarded ass outlets that won’t even be relevant in 6-7 years. Bunch of begging ass clowns. Fuck them stations. TURN OFF THE RADIO ASSHOLES and play your COTDAMN IPHONE instead!

  • HonestAbe

    @godcypherdivine – Finally a real mf’er! Word. Speak all day because you make sense.

    @marty mcfly – STFU! People like you dick riding is the fucking problem. FUCK RADIO.

  • godcypherdivine

    @HonestAbe thank you…forgot to mention….WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO HEAR REAL HIP HOP CENSORED??? Think about the kind of people that listen to regular (not satellite) radio in 2012–broads driving to work who don’t care enough about music to buy a 20$ iPhone plug. How could you listen to Flatbush Zombies or Bronson or any of those other guys mentioned if half the words are censored out? That’s why Shade 45 is a blessing if you have Sirius. oh yea FUCK FUCKING ROSENBERG

  • marty mcfly

    @HonestAbe, WTF you talking about? Just because I have an opinion on radio dont mean thats all I listen to or that I expect mainstream radio to somehow completely change their format. Whats this comment section about dumbass? Did you watch the video up top? Now put the comments in context before you run your dicksucker next time.

  • Greg

    At the end of the day, all the people on here spittin negative shit arent having their shit played, no one is talking about them, no articles are mentioning their names, etc. Just bc an artist doesn’t do/perform/act like you want them to doesn’t make then less relovant or less important in true hip-hop. Lets be honest here, get off the next man’s dick and worry about yourself. Go write, record, produce, or anything more productive than trying to beat down the next man who has actually done something positive for hip- hop.

  • shenanigans

    Sean Price probably most featured artist? Uh…I think that award goes to maybe Busta Rhymes who serves as a perfect case study for this non news worthy of a topic. Busta unlike most of the Dinosaurs (who I love) Eclipse named, has a found a way to consistently reinvent himself. think about the variance from L.O.N.S. to now…same talent but different artist. Raekwon today is still well, Raekwon circa the WU Double CD. Even myself, a long time Wu faithful, would like to hear something new, fresh from Rae. Otherwise some of these folks just need to come to terms (Djs, fans included) and say hey – I had a great run but my time has passed. This is like asking Mr #23 to come out of retirement and guard Lebron for 42 minutes…its physically and mentally impossible. But thats no slight to MJ – he’s a legend and so is Raekwon, SP,Bumpy knuckles etc, etc. Moving forward, lets allow ebro to do HIS job, old school legends to be gracious, Independent artists to aspire and as fans allow these young boys (love, hate) to rock. And btw I hardly listen to the radio but they do support NY artists (French, vado, Fred da godson, Red cafe, Fab, etc)…its just some of you backpackers choose not to listen to that type of hype. A relegated life in a free world I simple don’t get. this is show business not a talent show.

  • Dunny

    I think we are all missing the biggest point here. DJ’s were the TRENDSETTERS when hip hop began. Their ears were the determining factor on what was played. So in essence the tail is wagging the dog here. You you mean to tell me, you have to wait for someone to GET HOT and then DJ’s will play them rather than the DJ determining whats good and breaking the artist to make them hot. This culture is lost. They let money tell them whats good. What good is a DJ then? Whats he there for? Anyone can play a playlist. Ebro sounds like an indignant bitch who doesn’t really deserve the keys to the culture. I understand that he’s just playing the game the way it goes. Just the disrespect for the culture makes me want to slap taste out his mouth.

  • Marhsalllaw

    Although talented and passionate, none of the artists eclipse named appeal to women hence why they don’t get commercial airtime. although a male dominant industry, women at the end of the day hold the purse strings. Puff figured that out in the 90s with BIG. Imagine if BIG talked about crack all day or if the WU didn’t have a ‘sex symbol’ in Meth – would they have been as successful? The south figured this out in early 2000s and continues to ride that wave. if a ‘NY area artists’ wants to appeal to nostalgic/hipsters/posers and is content with yielding a head nod to a self-righteous proclamation opposed to creating feel good music (sometimes at a women’s expense) then that’s the artist prerogative. however don’t bitch to program directors why your record isn’t in rotation. If you not in this to get money then what’s your purpose – to advance the culture? fuck outta here. The ‘culture’ isn’t defined by a finite set of rules and standards

  • marshall law

    Although talented and passionate, none of the artists eclipse named appeal to women hence why they don’t get commercial airtime. although a male dominant industry, women at the end of the day hold the purse strings. Puff figured that out in the 90s with BIG. Imagine if BIG talked about crack all day or if the WU didn’t have a ‘sex symbol’ in Meth – would they have been as successful? The south figured this out in early 2000s and continues to ride that wave. if a ‘NY area artists’ wants to appeal to nostalgic/hipsters/posers and is content with yielding a head nod to a self-righteous proclamation opposed to creating feel good music (sometimes at a women’s expense) then that’s the artist prerogative. however don’t bitch to program directors why your record isn’t in rotation. If you not in this to get money then what’s your purpose – to advance the culture? fuck outta here. The ‘culture’ isn’t defined by a finite set of rules and standards

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Please STFU cause you sound stupid. First of all people that listen to radio dont just wanna hear one or two different kinds of songs everyday of the week. Wu Tang were not just successful because women like Meth so dont assume women or anybody in general just have one dimensional brains. The kinds of songs that hip hop purists like that were singles made for radio. If you look at the most successful ones, they got alot more play then the cookie cutter shit that gets played on radio most times now. As for your young verse old argument? Again thats not the issue cause alot of these weak songs on radio come from artists that are older the the lyricist that have come out in the last few years. Hot97 plays a thousand songs a week but you mean to tell me they cant figure out how to fit in a better balance of music? And its because you think women and fans of the south dont like no other kind of hip hop? Stop it, people aren’t stupid, meaning they can enjoy all the different kinds of hip hop including music that has thinking involved. What you have happening on radio is just Djs and P.Ds that are lazy so they put an ipod list on and sit back for hours at a time instead of putting on dope mixes. Period

  • sosophisticated

    yo JES, DJ Eclipse and the 2dope fam. why did yall make it a point to not tip your hat to bdot or rapradar? you literally wouldnt be talking about this if it wasnt for bdot. they give yall the nod all the time. do you really feel that sonned by YN?

  • fastflipper

    price is not minor league

    bad ass and zombies yes