Game – Blood Of Christ (Shyne, Diddy & G-Unit Diss)

blame it on Meka December 11, 2012

Take a wild guess who he’s insulting with this one. Game’s Jesus Piece is out now. SHAKE UPDATE: I couldn’t help but add the names to the title. Sheesh.

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  • Son went a puff too lol.

  • KenFolk

    Game got some crazy ass production behind this album. All bullshit aside, I like what I’ve heard thus far. Props.

  • rhyme like po


  • j

    this is dope for a bonus cut
    game is the biggest biggie stan though

  • PaperBILL

    This clown wouldn’t even be relevant without attaching himself to current events and popular artists. Corny music.

  • “I heard tony Yayo couldn’t pay the rent I heard Lloyd Banks could pay the rent”

    Well I heard Games car got towed lol… I heard Game got released from Interscope.

  • marty mcfly

    I know its off subject but note to Pusha T, no more subliminals if you gonna ride this kinda lane. #Real Gangsta Music, exhibit A – Blood Of Christ.

  • william

    man this is just too nice.

  • FvckSwag

    Wow, this shit goes hard. Like it or not, Game is rapping better then ever.

  • Sinister

    u guys game still raps the same he is trash dont let the production brain wash ya niggaz dis nigga another phony nigga trying to be a real blood when he never was we all knw who was the real G is was your big bro Game u aint shit homie ur wak ass album has some beats but yo son u got so much features dis nigga trash. He trying so hard he dissed fif and g-unit so he can get some type pf attention then he started dissing several other artist now in his new album he tries to sound like all the new rap dudes out right now he a poor excuse of a sucker nigga and who cares about 40 glock but u dont go with ur homies if u knw 40 was gonna be dolo u should have taped that shit by urself like a real nikka and beat 40 ass but no dis nigga had more than 6 niggaz with him thats the definition of a pussy and Game knws he is that the only people giving dis dude props is them suburb kids that dont knw shit about real hip hop. I dont like dis nikka he da worst artist out of Cali

  • naoshad

    game riding that kendrick waveeee lol

  • The king

    ^^^^game must have put out some good shit lately to make this nigga so mad. Go cry a little more faggot. Nobody cares what you have to say.

  • Si

    @Sinister – I am guessing that you were privately educated, right?

  • really?

    Who feels like counting how many times Game said Kendrick’s name or mentioned GKMC on this album? or even just this song? its a joke.

  • caleb

    ^^^^ If he name drops and its dope, then who the fuck cares if he does it. Just another excuse for haters to dislike Game’s comeback

  • ha

    @Sinister @Si Homie Schooled

  • a loose soul



    why he rapping like ross tho?

  • stillbased

    Who made this beat? Wow!

  • yung

    dude is a huge dick rider, all he does is name drop

  • Young Ralph

    Dawaun Parker on the beat!! Shit is crack!

  • Joe

    one of the sickest cuts all year

  • 1hunnit

    You can hate on Game all you want, but you can’t tell me this beat aint raaaaaaw. Sheesh this man is gettin’ all the right producers.

  • Shawn

    You dumb mother fuckers focus on the stupid shit. He wrecks this track and the beat is raw as fuck.

  • Mike

    This is really good

  • Uruguay

    Game has been cool with Kendrick for a while now through jay rock so you haters shouldn’t assume that he’s riding Kendrick’s wave…and to those who will say “o why didn’t he say anything about him before”…because Kendrick didn’t want any cosigns or handouts so yea

  • Flip

    Game is that nigga, yall bitch about not saying names…He calling niggas out and ended shy po career…ITS a Rap

  • Mongoose

    Yeah we ALL [STILL] wonderin why Puffy #Snake wasn’t in that muhfuckin truck… #REALTALK

  • Brother Man

    Who produced this joint? Like damn

  • adolfmayne

    All kendrick got were co signs and handouts

  • Code

    Some of yall niggaz wasn’t even teens when Game was popping. This nigga done did more for the culture than have these rappers out now. If you ever rocked with Game from his first album or any after and now you hating then you a fake fan. None of the the rappers out now have sold 10 million. Probably never will. I think the album was dope. A good way to musically put himself back in todays sound and move forward. At least he’s adapting to the current environment. A Doctors Advocate or LAX doesn’t exactly fit into this current day hip Rap is so “what have you done for me lately” respect the fact dude is still hungry. IMO niggas like Hov keep giving out half ass verses and material.

  • wickywoss

    didn’t he ‘reach out’ to 50 at the end of his second verse form Scared Now?

  • Joe

    dawuan parker produced it … whoever asked up there ^^

  • madddgamer

    to add on to what @Uruguay said. Kendrick was actually a part of games “Blackwallstreet” way back when he was just getting lyrical as Just listen to games older mixtapes. Both Jay Rock & Kendrick were members of Blackwallstreet. So was DUBB, Juice & a few other west artist who got a lil buzz. Game really helped them out.

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    Beat is tight but Game can’t take any credit for that can he. Besides, you can dig up whatever lil story from the past which “proves” how he and Kendrick have been cool for a minute yadayadaya it doesn’t change the fact that he kinda flipped his style to sound like them TDE boys. You just can’t deny that.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Stop it because nobody on TDE has ever made anything like Games projects. Its no need for a veteran like Game to copy from rappers that probably look up to him. How many albums did Game sell before TDE was even around? 10 million so COMEONSON. Game has been the same way since 2004, its just now some people are realizing he can spit. #Your late

    • RapPizzaNikesHomies

      Hm interesting that you call Game a “veteran”. Yes, of course Game has been around longer because he’s older than the TDE generation. So I don’t see your point here. And selling 10 mill isn’t any indicator of him being creative, consistent, original or anything at all. Why do people always identify creativity and originality with financial success. That’s what’s #late to me. And if you can’t hear the difference between his 2004 sound and the one he’s obviously trying to adopt now then you need to see your doctor and get that Game dick removed from your auditory canal

  • marty mcfly

    What up Shake LOL

  • FredRico

    o_0 What kind of dope as fuck beat is this?!? Daaaaamn..!!!!

  • wu tang

    this nigga is the biggest dick rider. He want that D from kendrick so hard

  • J

    I always wondered why Puff wasn’t in that truck with Biggie….very tough

  • bebe

    BLACK LIP PASTOR !!!!! AB all the way u guys lost.. go listen to some wacker flocka or somthin

  • marty mcfly

    Its not about “dickriding”, so bringing up dicks as part of your argument doesn’t make it any better and really its people like you who constantly “dickride” or “dicksuck” TDE, a group that just started popping in the last 12 months and really its not like they moving like G Unit or Dipset or Cash Money or Rocafella or Ruff Ryders when they came in. They are all just riding Kendricks buzz. Which is cool but when you compare them to Game its dont work fool. I dont even have to give my opinion on Game cause you already know it. The aspects of his career that I brought up are facts. Lets see if anybody from TDE can even come close to Game’s stats in ten years. As far as his creativity. If you take the first few years of Games career and compare it with the members of TDE there is a clear difference in quantity and quantity. So again I aint just making this up go back and see for yourself. When he came out he was the same age if not younger then TDE and he had subject matter and all around better records. That was always present on all his albums and the majority of his mixtapes. So the only reason you think differently is because you a TDE stan because clearly what im saying is not just opinion. You yourself can go look at his albums and pick apart the subject matter and the bars for yourself so WTF are you saying. TDE is ok they are not all that. Jay Rock is the best member. Kendrick is ok and so it the other members. But in comparison there’s not much to compare other then Game is also from the west.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean Quality and quantity…

  • marty mcfly

    And if selling ten million records isnt an indicator of anything as far as being an artist. Then you and TDE should have no problem selling alot more. Selling records doesn’t mean that an artist is necessarily the greatest at everything but you cant say selling records doesn’t indicate anything because if obviously most artists have trouble selling millions of records and creativity plays a role in that.