Man Of Steel (Trailer #2)

We actually get to see Superman in action in this new trailer for the upcoming reboot, set to drop June 14th.

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  • Wurk


  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm I think World War Z is my summer flick (if we all make it out) haha!

  • Mike

    Aren't you guys supposed to be a hip hop blog? who gives a shit if superman's comin out, i want some fuckin beats!

  • @mike

    @Mike this is a hiphop blog, hiphop is the whole culture not just beats. you want beats go to a beat blog, or further more make your own. :) good day to you sir.

    as for the trailer it was DOPE AS FUCK!! hyped for this film.

  • BKLYN Kid

    Assuming this is an origin story (like Batman Begins), I'm hoping in this new reboot series, we get Doomsday as a villain. If it's a trilogy, that would be an ill 3rd movie villain ending in Superman's death. Just sayin...

  • JAEisF2D

    I just hope we dont see no Lex Luthor as the main villian like every damn superman movie before this one. Give me Braniac, Metallo, Doomsday...hell give me Bizarro but no damn Lex Luthor!


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