Pusha T – Blocka (Video)

blame it on Illy December 11, 2012

Directed by Orson Whales

Wraith of Caine coming soon.

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  • shadow


  • BuckNasty

    The coonery level of this video is EXTRA high. Black people in the projects smoking in slow motion, bandanas covering their mouth, guns, stickups, ratchet women. And they say Rap music portrays negative stereotypes. Who’d have thought hey?

  • P’COLA

    my god…

  • bigErn

    When Pusha makes these videos I think he imagines ‘what would make lil wayne shit himself?’

  • malcyvelli

    @BuckNasty you can call it coonery or you can call it reality, idk if he went to africa or some other 3rd world country to film this but it looks legit, these are peoples living conditions in parts of the world, if its too much for you to believe in then you should just get off the internet cause youll find some even scarier shit

  • ‘The coonery level of this video is EXTRA high.’


    *2chainz voice* truuuu. and it wouldn’t be complete without worldstar slapping their logo all over this shit. someone needs to tell push that’s one thing to be hood and another to be ignorant.

  • Malik

    He’s in Kingston, Jamaica. Move outside the white people tourist traps and the majority in the country is in poverty like that.

  • marty mcfly

    This isnt really coonery imo. This is actually a real place in Jamaica and this is just a visual that actually fits the nature of Pusha’s music. Jamaica has a culture thats close to what hip hop represents. I think its more coonery when a artists takes visuals like this and amplifies it just for the sake of looking hard and selling a ringtone type of song. Pusha to a significant degree has earned his respect and his style has always been about this type of thing. I just hope his album is really dope.

  • Pauly D

    Do some of yall actually think before you post? Like, really THINK?

  • Good Peoples


  • wat

    Random FACT: Jamaicans invented rap. It began as something Jamaicans in the 60s or 70s did called “toasting.” Toasting was then brought to America by Jamaican immigrants, who then founded rap.

  • niggas is funny. real recognize real.

    He really went to Jamaica. These are real people. Some are so used to fake shit that when the authentic is placed right in their face, they cant distinguish between artistic entertainment and the genuine. lol.

    “I was really in that Travel Lodge, you just lying through your catalog”

  • MacheteJoJo

    if people wanna stereotype rap off one song then fuck em…there’s plenty of hip hop songs dat have a good message but people who hate hip hop never mention those

  • DOPE

    It’s like Exodus but more grimy!

    Real HipHop!

    Wrath Of Cain >>>>>>>>

  • T

    I wish Popcaan’s part was the hook. His part was so short that it makes more sense to use it as a hook than to just have it at the beginning.

  • Huh

    Ok who are the 6 faggots who disliked this?????????

  • santi

    Don’t artists ever get scared to be in the ghetto?

  • ProofReadDumbass


  • Keeping it Real

    If this was a KENDRICK LAMAR video @Shake faggot ass would had made sure it stayed at the top for a whole day!

  • Sarcastic Steve

    Holy Shit! Pusha T rapped about selling coke. I never heard him do that before. He really is expanding as an artist.

  • JAY

    I bet @Sarcastic Steve ia listening to lil wayne and frank ocean right now! smh FAGGOT


    @wat…whitey trying to rationalize thievery again…my American Nwords started hiphop, don’t try to rewrite our history.F U PAY ME

  • wat

    I know you’re trolling, AMERICANBLACK, but c’mon. Why would I white guy care anything about the origin of hip hop?

  • BuckNasty

    All you people saying it’s ‘real’ are speaking like it’s something to brag about and be proud of. You should be sad that people actually have to grow up in that environment as the result of gangs and drug wars.
    This nigga, who makes at least 6 figures a year, flew all the way out to one of the most violent and poverty stricken places on earth to rap about a life he doesn’t live. The ignorance….
    Just coz Pusha can rap doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye.

  • brooklyn

    ^^its nothing to be proud of, but hip hop is about expressing yourself is it not? this is the kind of environment hes from…..people arent saying its real like its cool, there saying its real as in thats the kind of life he REALLY lived lol what you want him to rap about growing up in the suburbs?

  • DoubleClutch95

    Ab-Liva cameo!!!

    Pusha T, aka, The Best Since He Died & He Lied!

  • Good peoples

    276 DOPES! 13 NOPES!


  • Sarcastic Steve

    @Jay Nope. Try again. I listen to just about all rap like J. Cole, all of TDE, all of GOOD Music, except for the fake coke dealer Pusha T of course. I like a lot of old school shit too. Take a cock to the face.

  • Don Gargon

    Ghetto. Propa gully shit. Props to Pusha for takin it there [much like the Exodus visual which was also ill].

    @malcyvelli its fuckin filmed in JAMAICA you ignorant fuckwit more specifically Mathew’s Lane, Kingston; hence the Popcaan connection?!?!… fuckin ignoramuses man *head shake*… shit even stated it in the WRITTEN preface but you’re CLEARLY illiterate. An’ for ALL YOU IGNORANT FUCKS of @BuckNasty’s persuasion you evidently have no idea about the REAL Jamaica otha than your White, SANITIZED tourist resorts like Negril and Hedonism II. My family is from Jamaica; I have been and have witnessed the poverty first hand and what my people live in and continue to endure day in day out… TRULY POOR… SOUL-DESTROYIN/HEART-BREAKIN POVERTY. When you’ve actually seen tha [sometimes roofless] breeze-block shanty houses in tha hills of Montego Bay etc [not to mention tha city areas like Majesty Gardens, Kingston etc.]. for real then make a fuckin comment bout coonery and playin that shit up for tha muhfuckin camera otherwise hush ya gums and go back to your suburban, cotton-wool, white lifestyle… PUSSYWWHOLE… #JamrockFiLife

    Co-sign @Sinatra Royale

    @wat slow hand-clap… thanks for that… dickhead…

  • Jay

    @Sarcastic Steve Naw fag boy i can tell you one of them dudes who jack off to channel orange then hop on the computer and hate on gangster rappers! smh LAME

  • Anthony

    @Don Gargon. Never been to Kingston, but have been to Negril. I had the opportunity to party with local jamiacans. I will say I could count the amount of white people on one hand but man was it dope. It was the best week of my life no doubt, and the locals were legit. I hope the country has the ability to work their way out of poverty. I will be going back and partying to some vybz and whatever else crazy ass music they have down there.

  • Pretty Tony

    3:22… Yeah she bad…


  • the f***ing video is private now!

  • 2

    imagine lil wayne watching this video.. shitting his pants

  • @citizins

    I don’t understand why people think every rapper on the planet should talk about “black power” or gaining knowledge. HE’S A FUCKING RAPPER!!!! If he wants to talk about coke, drugs and bitches LET HIM!!! at least he’s doing it well!!! And there’s nothing sad or grim about this video … It’s filmed in Matthew’s Lane .. go there any time of the night till early morning .. this is how it is and it ain’t Pusha’s job to cry bout it .. or even to “cry’ .. this is 3rd world youth culture and people feed and shelter whole communities off of this … blame politicians not the rapper .. and if he didn’t fly out there and make the video .. non of ya’ll would know bout this area or even dare to leave the tourist area to go there!!! There’s the good and the bad!!! But don’t blame him and it’s good that he amplified it for ya’ll cas most y’all would pee in your pants if you was there in real life!!! Plus Jamaica has enuff artist to voice their opinions about the political injustice their people face everyday!! Really love video’s like this, especially when the have real!!! reggae and dancehall artist featured .. even tho Popcaan wasn’t really voiced that much!!! GAZA!!!! Jamaicans gave the world hip-hop… with out them we wouldn’t have instrumentals…DJing…rapping .. or even remixes …. nearly every great hip-hop pioneer came from Jamaica!