Rick Ross Speaks On Tour “Controversy” (Video)

blame it on Meka December 11, 2012

Ricky spoke to Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz to talk about the issues that caused him to shut down the MMG Tour, saying that it was actually the promoter of the event’s shady work (legit claim) and not because the Gangster Disciples scared him off of it (silly rumor).

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  • killu

    i think he’s lying

  • Dixson

    Another classic interview from Officer Ricky which had me pissing myself laughing, When he spoke about chocking Jeezy and 50 hiding in the trailer scared cos he was mobbin round lol i fell on the floor

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Just watched the interview and didn’t hear any mention of 50 or Jeezy. Fuck are you talking about?

  • adolfmayne

    ^^^because young jeezy and 50 cent are so certified right?? jeezy sending other ppl to handle his business with gucci aint bitch shit right?? or 50 cent snitching to the police is real g shit right?? haha i laugh at these kids on here always bluffing like they thugs and know wassup hahah

  • Dixson

    @ChicaGo-Getter watch part 2

  • dave chappelle

    ^^ahhh, don’t get all butt hurt because your favorite rapper is rick ross and he don’t really rep the life he likes to think he does.

    I feel like rap fans are pretty synonymous to WWE fans, trying to justify “realness” among their favorites. Quit living in denial, gay boys.

  • j

    im a real bawse, im certified


    Shur Fatass Shurrrrrrrr….


    Sit your Diabetes down .

  • This guy is such a liar talkin bout 50 was hiding lol… nigga 50 was hangin out with Meek Mill and wilding on Diddys trailer… Bwaaaaaahahahahah like theres confirmation and videos of that on youtube.

    And Gunplay didnt get to where he was by running away from yours and jezzys situation… gunplay already went on radio before you and told a totally dif story.
    Does this guy Rick Ross really believe that we’d believe that It just so happened that the exact time Gunplay stepped out to get away from the Jeezy thing coinsided with Gunplay running into G-Unit ??

    GTFOH… and take Trinadad James with you. You niggas is fuckin up the game.

  • adolfmayne

    Lol when did i say he was real? Im just pointing out ppl pick and choose what rappers real or fake