Skillz – Thoughts Become Things (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake December 11, 2012

The big homie Skillz reveals the cover art and tracklisting to what is said to be his final album, Thoughts Become Things, dropping December 26th.

01 Intro (Hard To Be Me)
02 So High
03 Bring The Sparklers Out
04 Love N Hip Hop f. Joe Tann
05 Ignorant Levels
06 Maybe I Dont Know Her At All
07 Y.A.R.D.T.S
08 With You feat. Eric Penn
09 Tryin To Get By f. Carmael
10 Zero F’s f. Planet IV
11 I’m Outchea
12 Thoughts Become Things f. Ayah
13 2012 Rap Up

Looking forward to the title track. Ayah!

  • I was about to make a joke about him having a “Rap Up” on here…then I look at the track listing. Damn, he’s actually doing it. *shrug* Guess that’s the only thing he’s relevant for now.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    This is his album cover for his final album? Smh.

  • First thought: Final? ….He’s had albums?

    Reminds me a lot of Wale’s Attention Deficit cover.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    shut the fuck up
    yall some bullshit. critics. stop hatin on skillz. he’s a master

  • Real smart guy

    The are to many clowns with access to the internet!!! What makes good hip hop these days Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Trinadad James, Chief Keef or any of the other random dumb ass people who I see on TV looking like straigt fools, so because someone is on TV and they make you think they have money that makes them hot? What about making good music? Why don’t people like to listen to lyrics anymore? Is it because the level of education for the average hip hop fan has decreased so much (yes there are a lot of dumb asses who listen to hip hop…sorry those are the actual facts do the research)? I am not saying you have to be a fan of Skillz I am just trying to figure out why take time to hate on him? I guess “being a dumb ass” is the new normal!!!

  • noncentz

    skillz is abeast alot of catz aint feeling his direct but son bring heat and speaks truth. he will be missed as another loss from the golden era of hiphop. damn hiphop falling apart

  • realtalk™

    If you only know Skillz from the Rap Up’s he did then that’s ON YOU.. dude is a legend in his own right, check out his ‘From Where?’ album from like 96-97