• dave chappelle

    This song is sooooooooo bad. Christ almighty.

  • what?


  • RenegadeNinjaNL

    Reminds me of 90's pop songs which is not a bad thing compared to today's pop songs which all sound like dance songs

  • kenzo

    my gut feeling says that this song might potentially blow up...

  • pass!

    She's like a new Gwen Stefani....music and style wise

  • Shockie

    I can groove to it + Shit is funny

  • TheNotoriousDJC

    The video made the song make more sense really, taking the piss of the overly sexual nature of mainstream music today. But I just think the song is terrible

  • T9FTW

    Damn... She really sold out, huh?

    What's up with Em altering his voice on songs (This and Numb)? What's up with that album, Evil?

    Why I'm bringing the questions?

  • http://www.muzikosvirtuve.lt ReA

    When was the last time Em did something funny like this?

  • Chuck E

    Yo, I'm going to cop that Skylar Grey album when it finally drops & it's good to already know that this is going to be *THAT* song that's always going to get skipped on playback.

    For real. Em & her are way better than this. I'm sure they got all the reasons in the world to do something like this, but I sure don't want to hear them. Or this.

  • GiZA

    This was cool. This could be a hit.

  • Rock

    Those of you saying this could be a hit are so far off. This isn't the Limp Bizkit era fellas. This shit is trash. She had a dope lane with that tripy / haunting vibe she was kicking on those hooks for them. This is such nonsense I have to go vomit. eminem is so fucking corny. dweeb. this is why eminem can NEVER be top 5 dead or alive to me. My rap hero's aren't cornball class clowns.

  • JXN

    Em's verse made this song. I might actually have gotten it if he didn't do that damn Pee Wee Herman voice so often

  • C-los

    This song rocks, just like Eminems singing. He sings about cool stuff like godzilla and not being a good rapper since 2002