Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride f. Eminem (Video)

blame it on Meka December 11, 2012

Sky’s album, Don’t Look Down, is finally slated for release next year. You can grab the audio for this track here, if you’d like.

  • dave chappelle

    This song is sooooooooo bad. Christ almighty.

  • what?


  • RenegadeNinjaNL

    Reminds me of 90’s pop songs which is not a bad thing compared to today’s pop songs which all sound like dance songs

  • kenzo

    my gut feeling says that this song might potentially blow up…

  • pass!

    She’s like a new Gwen Stefani….music and style wise

  • Shockie

    I can groove to it + Shit is funny

  • TheNotoriousDJC

    The video made the song make more sense really, taking the piss of the overly sexual nature of mainstream music today. But I just think the song is terrible

  • T9FTW

    Damn… She really sold out, huh?

    What’s up with Em altering his voice on songs (This and Numb)? What’s up with that album, Evil?

    Why I’m bringing the questions?

  • ReA

    When was the last time Em did something funny like this?

  • Chuck E

    Yo, I’m going to cop that Skylar Grey album when it finally drops & it’s good to already know that this is going to be *THAT* song that’s always going to get skipped on playback.

    For real. Em & her are way better than this. I’m sure they got all the reasons in the world to do something like this, but I sure don’t want to hear them. Or this.

  • GiZA

    This was cool. This could be a hit.

  • Rock

    Those of you saying this could be a hit are so far off. This isn’t the Limp Bizkit era fellas. This shit is trash. She had a dope lane with that tripy / haunting vibe she was kicking on those hooks for them. This is such nonsense I have to go vomit. eminem is so fucking corny. dweeb. this is why eminem can NEVER be top 5 dead or alive to me. My rap hero’s aren’t cornball class clowns.

  • JXN

    Em’s verse made this song. I might actually have gotten it if he didn’t do that damn Pee Wee Herman voice so often

  • C-los

    This song rocks, just like Eminems singing. He sings about cool stuff like godzilla and not being a good rapper since 2002