Young Jeezy On Freddie Gibbs’ Split From CTE

blame it on Shake December 11, 2012

Earlier today, Gangsta Gibbs revealed that he has in fact split from Jeezy’s CTE imprint. Here goes Jeezy’s thoughts..

Freddie is a talented artist and I decided that it’s time to press reset on my career and business ventures. I have no doubt that Freddie will go on to be everything I believe he can be, and I wish him the best in his career. This is a fresh start for the CTE brand as we re-launch it. This is why I chose to wipe the slate clean and create an outlet to support and nurture new artists to the best of my ability.

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • greeneggsancam

    label made him do it

  • While I have no problem with atists trying to start/grow an empire of their own, this is why I’m always hesitant when artists start a label… As best I know, all he ever put out on his CTE label was that USDA album & only ever had Pulla & Raw signed. How is it you need to restart from that?… Still I wish all involved the best of luck.

  • Real Talk


  • Flip

    He basically say this nigga got no type of buzz…Im feeding him hits and he still cant buzz….

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    This is how you handle a parting of ways. Neither takes any shots, they say nice things and say what up if they see one another. No drama, no wasted time.

  • alex s.

    i hate Rick Ross but gotta say dude does a MUCH BETTER job of running a label and giving his artists the exposure and songs they need to blow up

  • Tyler Durden

    Fuck ALL THIS BUREAUCRATIC/POLITICKIN SHIT. Ma nigga was only put on that shit to [further] boost the Street reputability of the label anyway. Lets go Freddie… muhfucka bin done carryin the weight on his ONES anyway… dudes been shitted on before by his ‘brethren’ so shit ain’t nuthin new… dudes a muhfuckin soldier… just NEED MORE shit like B.F.K. [an MadGibbs] n we’re straight. Fuck tha rest… #BlessinInDisguise

    Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!!!

  • JL

    Freddie got some good management and lawyers

  • c

    fredie better then jeezy …jeezy does not know how to manage gibbs no doubt jeezy will do better in another label …..

  • Lance Geneva

    Man Freddie straight, he just wasn’t what Jeezy expected him to be.. The nigga is just TOO street, Jeezy at least has mainstream appeal.. Freddie too lyrical for Jeezys brand. GANGSTA GIBBS HOE !

  • PG!

    Freddie didn’t fit with them lame as niggaz no way. Good move for Gibbs

  • armd

    I don’t understand why y’all acting like CTE wasn’t a good look for Gibbs.

    Speaking as a HUGE fan of Gangsta Gibbs and a HUGE fan of Snowman, Jeezy and Gibbs put a lot of hot records together…”Rough”, “Sittin’ Low”, “Do It For You”, “Seventeen”, “Mobbin'”, “Gotta See This”…shit, I feel like Gibbs spit one of his best verses ever on “Talk to Me.”

    Jeezy never interfered with Gibbs’ drive, and Gibbs always did his thing independently and then re-linked with his CTE people for good tracks. Sure, shit was never radio monsters, but I don’t think Gibbs ever really wanted that type of exposure.

    Bottom line, Gibbs is a stronger lyricist and an incredible emcee, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do a ton of strong shit at CTE and I’m disappointed the two parted ways. Just because its trap rap doesn’t mean shit isn’t real or doesn’t have reality behind it.

  • J0J

    I Wonder if he has kept Tone Trump on CTE ?

  • Yasser

    Freddie seemed a bit disconnect from the label when he was on the Combat Jack show and they asked him whats next for CTE.


    Gibbs is way more talented than CTE…..I feel he is bigger than what the label could provide.

  • Fathom the Wizardry

    Huh. Jeezy was tired out being outshined. Get’em Gibbs. Need that MADGIBBS album!

  • stopit5

    Do people really think that CTE is a real label? office with people answering phones, running around with folders in their hand. Offices…Fax Machines…Board Rooms lmao… NO!

    CTE is a label on paper! ..Jeezy paid 750 dollars to register the LLC, and that’s it. I doubt he even has a label deal with Def Jam..they probably put out that USDA album, and he just put his logo on the back.

    CTE is ran from a cell phone. Jeezys managers cell phone.. So don’t get shocked when someone like “Freddie Gibbs” leaves the label lol… All it takes is a hand shake, and see you later!

    If…and I say IF…def jam gave any money to “CTE” after Jeezy “signed” Gibbs, Tone Trump, or whoever… (Which I strongly believe they don’t even know they’re signed)…Jeezy used the money to market his own album!

    I like Jeezy.. I’m a big fan of his music. But let’s stop calling these little logos, labels! What’s next? Chingys gonna sign someone to “Slot-A-Lot” records??? (Real thing) lol

  • level

    GIBBS go hard. I didn’t even know he was part of CTE. What a waste of talent by Jeezy by not putting him out. Gangsta Gibbs get your’s man

  • BigMeech

    I can tell you as someone who has worked closely with Gibbs and seen the situation unfold over the last year. He was never happy at CTE. He had his lawyers put in the paper work over a month ago to get him out of his situation. Jeezy never financially backed him in any way. Everything Gibbs got was on his own. Jeezy is a great rapper but a fuckin retard of a record executive. He is trying to save face by saying he decided to wipe the slate clean.

    I’m sure we will see Tone Trump, Slick Pulla and Boo Rossini at the Grammys….SMH

    Gibbs is the peoples champ! The day someone gives him a real shot with the right promotion and backing he will kill shit…

    Hate me if you want but this shit is facts… Gucci bodied Jeezys bitch ass on the “truth”

    I would wish Gibbs luck, but I think Jeezy will need it a little more….



  • Walnuts

    Gibbs must have realized he didn’t need or want that mainstream, dumb-down exposure that would surely come as being part of Young Jeezy’s record label. I mean, the man works with MadLib and Cunninlinguists. He decided to leave, and this is Jeezy’s way of showing to the public he still has power in the situation – by releasing statements to the public saying “this is why I chose”, etc. I’m sure its not any animosity, because Jeezy had to realize he couldn’t market Gibbs like his other CTE artists *cough *cough Slick Pulla and that other terrible one.

  • I think it was the perfect choice. Gibbs is capable of making brilliant music. He just needs to do him; be productive and everything will work out for the better. Things just weren’t gelling at CTE like one would expect. Definitely gonna cop whatever he drops next.

  • Gibbs needs to stay solo/indie, he had a following prior to CTE unlike everybody else over there minus Jeezy.