12.12.12: Wiz Khalifa Day in Pittsburgh

blame it on Shake December 12, 2012

In a week where O.N.I.F.C. debuted at #2 on Billboard with over 130k sold, Wiz Khalifa’s good fortunes aren’t slowing down as the Pittsburgh City Council has declared December 12, 2012 “Wiz Khalifa Day.”. Check some footage from the press conference up top.

  • randomguy

    yo, good shit!

  • three

    why does he look like hes in trouble haha.
    he has the same face as he did when he was arrested.

  • Average

    Dude couldn’t at least try to dress more appropriate? Bad enough he has a little ass tattooed next to his eye. His city basically titled him their Jesus, gave him a gold plaque and everything. and he looks like a homeless person from Pittsburgh.

    I don’t care how much it cost him, fashion can wait at a honor like this

  • I find it very hard to believe there isnt someone who does more for the community that would be better suited for this honor. Good for him none the less..

  • KING

    So they decided to give him his own day for what? Smoking weed every second? Dumb fucks.

  • Cen

    This Has Got To Be One Of The Most Ignorant Things I’ve Ever Seen. We As Black People Don’t Claim This One.. White Folks Yal Can Have This Nigga. Him And Dat Bald hip Hop Whore.

  • Robert!

    ^^^^^ nigga calm that shit down…. Niggas cant never be happy for another nigga… I swear WE AS PEOPLE PERIOD need to stop hating and congradulatiing…. OL simp as nigga. Stop whinning.

  • flight

    lmao is this a joke? Pittsburg must not have a lot going on, and is it just me or is Amber Rose white?


    @Cen…..FAGGOT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PUT YOUR DADS DICK BACK IN YOUR MOUTH BEEEIOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ fLIGHT, you should wear a helmet, stupid!

  • justsaying jones

    nigga shouldve smoked before showing up cause this nigga look sad as SHIT right here

  • Flight

    @Double L it was a joke, I know shes white, just don’t understand why shes all over that new wiz joint sayin nigga every second word, if your gonna be calling anyone ignant it should be her

  • Dragon

    Looks Like Crack Is legal in Pittsburg yal! They handed the Crack Plaque to A Nigga wit Black And Yellow lips. Killyaself. and dat pale crack bitch next to him

  • I guess? he’ll probably be the biggest rap name to come out of there in the next 10-20 years easy lmao