Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. Debuts #2 On Billboard

blame it on Shake December 12, 2012

With 141k in sales, Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. debuts at #2 on the charts. Falling second only to Taylor Gang Swift.

  • DX

    Ouch! It’s okay though luckily for him he tours well and he sells alot of merch and you should all know that the labels have their hands in all of that

  • chek

    I wonder if Wiz was the youngest rapper on forbes list.. 11 mill last year if I recall

  • Truth

    Who supports and still listens to this fag’s shitty music?

  • JRQ

    The Lola Monroe feature was killing. If anything, I’ll pick up this album for her!

  • Yo

    actually a couple good songs

  • Btys

    That bitch Is still #1 ?
    But Rolling Papers > O.N.I.F.C.

  • VJ

    Kush & OJ is Wiz’s GRODT. Nothing he ever makes will match that. Shame for him, his best work was a mixtape. Dude is still hilarious though.

  • ONIFC is lightyears better than Rolling Papers


    damn hows taylor swift still at # 1 she runnin shit lmao

  • 2

    taylor swift >> wiz

  • And 1

    taylor swift > taylor gang

  • hahaha fucku

    Tay tay’s beat everyone for the number one spot for like a month straight. haha she’s stuntin on all these rappers

  • Let’s be real…#2 is better than hmmm…most other rappers who arent legends…stop trippin. Thats a heel of an accomplishment in itself.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    this shit was dope…..crongrats wiz,

  • kayo

    ONIFC is really not that bad. Sure, Wiz’s raps are probably the most predictable in the game right now but his flow is pretty good on most of the tracks and the beats are ridiculous. The hooks as well are on point with some of his earlier mixtape stuff.

  • quas

    I was the one of everyone who bought rolling papers only to find a steaming pile of mainstream shit but onifc was a real good step in right direction. Wiz still hasnt earned my buck tho..

  • Man this shit had jams, streamed it earlier fans just bitching for no reason shit was waay better than Rolling Papers

  • fuck it

    onifc is dope