• http://www.vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Hahahahaha! This guy's hanging from a chandelier!

  • +north


  • maimer

    french montana lighting a cigar w/ a dollar bill...smh haha

  • dave chappelle

    So.....why the fuck was Sean hanging from the chandelier?

    Awful music video. Don't waste the 3 minutes of your life.

  • Dump

    Who did French's eyebrows? hahaha

  • confused

    @ dave chappelle
    exactly I really wanted to find out why he was up there. He saw something he shouldn't have and then jumped on the chandelier. wtf?

  • http://twitter.com/jafaoutfielder J∆F∆

    Honestly, the title and what the song has to do with doesn't relate to the video at all. Not a well made music video.