Gilbere Forte – BeatsTV Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Shake December 13, 2012

Mr. Forte is next up in BeatsTV’s viral series.

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  • malcyvelli

    alright, im gonna say this, anybody starting a verse off with thanking God anywhere in the first bar set off the cornball alarm, nigga its 2012 going on 2013 and that shit is PLAYED, i respect gilbere but that was corny, rest was straight though but that turned me off

  • Trill Cosby


    Nigga what? Shut the fuck up. That don’t even make any sense, what exactly are you hating on? God?

  • malcyvelli

    no bitch, im hating on corny rap etiquette,thats like the rap equivalent of a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel, its been done so many times thats its absolutely overdone, out of everything you could start a verse with dont pull such a cliche move, like i said, everything was straight but just having such a line out the gate annoyed me