T.I. Lists His Top 4 Favorite Rappers? (Video)

blame it on Shake December 13, 2012

Sitting down with the L.A. Leakers, Tip speaks on Trouble Man, working with Andre 3000 on “Sorry” and lists off his Top 4 rappers. And if you don’t have 4 minutes to waste, the list goes as followed: Eminem, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne. Thoughts?

  • Swavey

    Eminem & Lil Wayne? Smh..

  • I’mAGoat

    ^^Eminem is one of the greatest to ever do it, what are you talking about?

  • rg5

    ^as is lil wayne.

  • yung

    he said that they were the best, not his favorites

  • kiko

    ditto on Em, but dude rg5 you know those things your 3rd grade teacher told you to put on when she talked? They were on the side of your head and she called them your listening ears. Did you happen to loose yours?

  • curtlsj

    sounds like a mainstream rapper giving a mainstream answer. basically they all get the same industry beats from the same industry producers so they gotta be the best in the “industry”

  • The Gentle Grammarian

    @kiko *lose . Sorry, just had to.

  • 5Ft.Deep

    List makes sense to me… With the exception of Lil Wayne I’m sure any other rapper in the game would have that same list. Eminem, Jay-Z and Andre 3000 are legends

  • Ditto @5Ft.Deep. Everybody in that list is acceptable, except Lil Wayne because he’s basically been on a hiatus since Tha Carter II (one of my favorite rap albums of all time)… Lets be honest, everything after Tha Carter II was either subpar or shit.

  • who cares

    lmao I’m sorry Tip but you’re a clown.
    1) Jay-Z = sellout
    2) Wayne = sellout
    3) Eminem = fell off
    4) Andre = Can’t count because he never put a solo album out. No matter how dope he is/was with Outkast dude needs to put out a solo to show that he deserves a spot in anyone’s top 5.

  • Mike Tomlin

    @who cares so what was the Love Below then? And Eminem didnt sell out he grew up you cant talk about mushrooms and killing your mother when youre 45 years old. His music matured and obviously you havent matured with it…

  • Frost

    Did this muthafuka really just say Wayne and Andre are in the top 4 all time?

  • marty mcfly

    Give me one song outta Jayz career where he sold out? The way I see it, Jayz has put so much truth in his music that it’s one of the mains factors in why he’s respected as being one of, if not thee greatest. And sell out for who? You? Def Jam? Why would he do that when you probably been buying Jayz albums since the 90s. Its no need to sellout if people are already buying the truth in your music in the first place.

  • funny

    funny how marty defended the jay z sellout comment but didnt defend lil wayne lol dickrider

  • marty mcfly

    You can put Wayne in there too. Neither Wayne nor Jay ever had to sellout anything because people were buying into them from the gate so they didnt need to do shit they didnt want to. Jay worked for himself (Rocafella), you cant sellout if your taking orders from yourself. Dame and Biggs were his partners not his bosses. Wayne came from Cash Money, a black owned record label which signed for 10s of millions dollars with Universal and owns its masters. Wayne and Birdman are still in business today. So there was never any selling out for them. They ran their own careers from the start and actually pimped the labels. They never had to make a choice whether or not to remain true to their artistic integrity because they were there own bosses.

  • marty mcfly


  • funny

    @marty, agreed half way, disagree with the jay z being his own boss so he couldnt sell out. Thats false, you dont have to BE TOLD to go against your artistic integrity in order to sell out, as long as you go against it for financial gain. In that case your not selling out TO the label but selling out FOR THE MONEY in general..but i agree neither of them are sellouts

  • Marlowe_Spade

    TI aint worth a fuck therefore his opinions aint worth a fuck, except for Andre because the truth is just the truth…. Dungeon Fam as a whole is just unfuckwitable.

  • marty mcfly

    @funny, The only songs that maybe Jay might’ve sold out imo is when he did Money Aint A Thang for JD and I Know What Girls Like with Diddy and Sunshine with Foxy and maybe Money Cash Hoes. BUT those songs all featured people he was cool with and helped them elevate as well and I dont think he said anything on those records that takes away from his artistic integrity. I could bring up soundtrack songs and collaborations with others on a few albums but Jay always put a jewel in his songs that go beyond just the money and honestly most artists are in it for money regardless of the shit they tell their fans so if Jay felt like he should make money too then thats not really a crime to me cause again. He worked for himself so he never had to sellout anything for anything, he actually made the music he wanted to make.

    Jayz – I Did It My Way

    Grandma’s favorite, she could not understand
    How there’s people in the world who wouldn’t want me as a neighbor
    Had to explain to her, you think these folks want me in the penthouse
    As a reminder that I make top paper?
    Black entrepeneur, nobody did us no favors
    Nobody gave us shit, we made us
    The Rap Pack, I’m Sinatra, Dame’s Sam Davis
    Big’s the smart one on the low like Dean Martin
    We came in this game, not beggin niggas pardon
    Demandin y’all respect, hand over a check
    And while y’all at it, hand over the jet
    We the reason they ain’t hand over Def Jam so quick
    They new every year I was droppin new product
    I was raisin the stock up, while buildin the Roc up
    But that’s alright, cause they knew they had to see us
    When it was time for us to re-up, make us multi-million-ires

  • funny

    @marty, are you stupid? i just said i dont think either jay z or lil wayne are selllouts lol why would you proceed to write all of that? my point is working for yourself doesn’t mean you cant sellout, thats dumb, selling out means going against your art for money, you could do that weather your on a label or own your own label..period

  • funny

    plus unless you know jay z you wouldnt know if he made the music he wanted to make

  • marty mcfly

    Lets take his blow up album. Hard Knock Life Vol2 for example because this is the time where Jay is the hottest and sells a bunch of albums and this is where people call him a sellout. Now he intro’s the album with Memphis Bleek in order to give his friend some shine even over himself. The song Can I Get A is out at the time where in his fist verse he basically tells a chick if you couldn’t fuck with me if I was broke then fuck you. Then comes Hard Knock Life Anthem, now this is where people really got on their, Jayz is a sellout talk because they completely over look the meaning of the song. I could go on but im just saying this. Jay NEVER went against his own art because there is no force that would cause him to do that. People loved his art as is already. And even during all his rich lifestyle raps, he’s speaking to the have nots and still giving them game. Thats not selling out, thats called dropping jewels.

  • marty mcfly

    Now if you disagree thats great and if you still think he sold out thats fine too cause I guess in the end he did ok for himself.

  • funny

    @marty, are you trolling? your not talking to somebody who said jay z is a sellout,you must be bored lol i didnt say jay z ever went against his art…i said selling out has nothing to do with working for a label or being your own boss, you can own your own label and still go against what you originally stood for, for money…you dont need a “force” to cause you to sellout

  • K.Dot

    Eminent is shit he raps about white boy problems like getting wasted y’all krackas need to get of his small white dick. He’s a pussy

  • Damn

    So from this we gather T.I. Has shit taste in music

  • kiko

    Yo K.Dot you might be a racist.

  • Rrok you so obviously want to be Eminem and are so jealous you hate him but i bet you think of him at night when mommy tells you to go to bed and masturbate then cry cos you’re not him… and never will be.