Trinidad James Signs To Def Jam Records

blame it on Meka December 13, 2012

This was pretty much confirmed at his debut NYC concert last week, when both Def Jam’s Sr. Vice President Shawn Pecas and President Joie Manda attended the function, but now it’s official: ten months rapping + one critically successful mixtape + one hit single = meet Def Jam’s newest employee of the month.

“Def Jam, thank you for believing,” says Trinidad James.

“We’re excited to welcome a young talent like Trinidad James to the Def Jam family,” Joie Manda says. “Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists. Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. We are thrilled to have him at the label, and look forward to growing his already massive buzz.” – Billboard

Congrats to to Trinidad on his success. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • Shvwn Michvel

    Is there a price for freedom? I hope he named his price. SVNMVL

  • lo

    I just don’t understand what people see in artists like this guy…this song is fucking horrible man! For every Kendrick you have 100 of these assholes. nigga nigga nigga lol

  • DBS

    This is the first I’ve heard of him so I got to say Bueller on this one.

  • Flight

    This guy is mad talented, forget this song and listen to the rest of his tape, I think signing was a bad idea, but this guy deff deserves the recognition he’s getting, despite the fact that he looks like a clown

  • Silky Johnson

    ‘forward-thinking label’ lol This the same old drugs/bling/guns/money nursery rhymes rap.

    Dressing like the 7th member of the Village People don’t make it ‘cutting-edge’.

  • Wonton Soup

    I like that one song and dude seems funny…but if he dont turn that into an iTunes single, drop another hot song, and an album right after…he gone end up just like ASAP Rocky…who i highly doubt will sell a lot or help RCA/Sony recoup any of that 3 mil they gave him

  • who cares

    I’m still trying to figure out why I should give a shit about this dude.

  • buckets

    i see small tits tho

  • Curtis Blackson

    Ermhh….ahem….let me clear my throat a bit…..ah….the hell is this ignant baloney cess pool of uber niggerdom. Even a black man himself thinks this is racist propaganda being fed to the masses by some thuggish fool. He will get what he has coming to him I assure you . Flashing weapons, nigga nigga nigga you need to go kill yourself like right this instant fore you get capped into non existence like Big and PAC, but the difference is you’d deserve you falls Rick James flaunting fucktard.

  • allgolderrthang

    shout out to the source though for that unsigned hype feature… and then how long did it take after that for him to get signed? not even two weeks or something

  • marty mcfly

    The statement that was made on behalf of Def Jam is not quiet the truth at this present time. Lets be real, Def Jam is only about making money off whatever might sell at the moment and attaching itself to artists and trends that were already moving before they get involved. They dont give a shit about the culture overall. The part about being “Forward Thinking”, “breaking and nurturing new artists”, and representing the cutting edge of the culture, is not what this move was about. Its no need to lie about it. I highly doubt that the culture as a whole is moving toward the direction of Trinidad James. There is always gonna be a demographic thats into this type of shit but a few years down the line they’ll mature and it will be some other new buzzing ignorant mockery of the culture that captivates the youth rebel mentality. However congrats to James because he’s just doing what he likes and thats cool but the statement made by Def Jam was bullshit. I could go on but most wouldn’t understand because they still think only the most viewed WSHH videos define the hip hop culture. Abraham Lincoln – You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Fuck it.. I give up

  • Good Peoples

    Gold all in my rang, gold all up in my watch! wanna see me fuck up hip hop just watch! – Trinidad James

  • Truth

    How does this ignorant gimmicky nursery rhyming half a brain having ass nigga get record deal? Oh yeah I forgot that’s 90 percent of rappers out these days no wonder kids these days are dumb as shit cuz they look up to and want to be like dumb niggas like this clown

  • HiiiLife


  • Yo you commentbox critics kill me sometimes. If this shit is so easy and talentless why isn’t EVERY SINGLE ONE of you doing it? This nigga making millions now and I guarantee you are not. Who’s really ignorant here?

  • SMF

    im gonna be honest wit cha….i dont know who to blame for this shit, but damnit, somebodys getting blamed. not hatin on dude, good job on hustlin the industry and getting a deal, but cmon son. 2pac and biggie, hell, even slim duncan would roll over in their graves right now. i would rather watch a katie perry marathon than listen to this niggas (nigga nigga) music. i just got hearburn over this shit. im going to bed

  • yeayayyya

    Making Money doesn’t equal talent. One thing i realized about hip hop is that you can make the shittiest music possible but there is always gonna be a bunch of dumbasses saying its the greatest music ever. For example, Chief Keef…guy does not have a drop of talent for rap but many people think it’s hot possible because majority of the audience of hip hop is naive and illiterate … But this guy like many other rappers has no fuckin talent at all but people are gonna justify his shit music because of the money he’s making.

  • Hustle has ALWAYS been a part of hip hop and Trinidad James has hustle! And he’s just hustling him. He ain’t frontin on anything, he said he only been rapping for 9 months. He has a passion for the art and he made that shit happen for himself. Respects due

  • Bitches be Trippin

    @GtotheFO how does trinidad james’s dick really taste?

  • marty mcfly

    @GtotheFO, You know how many people in hip hop have hustled in hip hop longer then Trinidad and have made a way bigger fanbase then him? Lets take Currensy for one (artists like him as far as paying dues). Now instead of taking the momentum of an artist like that, someone who put the work in and earned the respect of most in the game by being a good artist. They take an artist like Trinidad, someone that most likely Def Jam will spend more money promoting for, then they will even get back in sales over the course of his most likely very short career. They feed it to people like you cause you respect a 9 months hustle more then you respect a artist with years of hustle, tours, videos, sales, and dope projects under their belt. This aint about hate on Trinidad. My opinion is that Def Jam is almost insulting your (the fans) intelligence by suggesting that this is cutting edge material that YOU (the consumer of the culture), are following, impressed by and striving to be like. NO and its not about the money because I hope he makes a billion dollars but the fact that Def Jam, one of the main drivers of the culture, major label wise and they want to continue to pump ignorance, materialism , guns, and bad music into the minds of children just to make a small amount of money (to Def Jam pockets that is). Id say the culture as a whole is represented better by a Joey Badass type of artist more so then Trinidad and that can be debated but Thats just how I see it. I dont see Trinidad as the “Forward Thinking”, Upholding of a rich tradition, cutting edge representation of the culture. Def Jam is now living during the Obama Era and they think Trinidad James is the representation of the culture? IDK about all that. Interscope trying to push Chief Keef and now Def Jam got Trinidad, well thats great in all but I think the youth especially young black youth deserve better representation cause the path down ignorant road doesn’t lead to millions of dollars for most of the impressionable kids that choose to follow this kind of shit. @Def Jam, do your thing but you know what im saying even if you wanna act like you dont.

  • Ali

    @Marty you have a valid point, but what you have to understand is that the majority of people want to hear music more like Trinidad’s when they young. Kids like myself may also enjoy Joey Badass and “real hip hop”, but it’s enough room for all types of hip hop. Let’s respect and be excited for Trinidad instead of complaining about who been on the grind longer. That doesn’t matter, at the end of the day it’s room for all types of artists.

  • marty mcfly

    Def Jam need to make thinking and thoughtful expression cool in 2013. It dont have to be conscious either, it can be ignorant. Shit Jesus Piece and Trouble Man is probably some of the most ignorant shit out right now but at least they take pride in the things Def Jam claimed they do in their statement. I hope things work out for Trinidad James and Chief Keef but after they make x amount of millions, lets get back to some real hip hop type shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @Ali, yeah I know people like to bring up that argument but the numbers dont really show that. Throughout the history of hip hop for the most part young fans have supported lyrical artists alot more then artists who are not. Most of all the platinum and gold selling shit that hip hop fans have put on the wall over the years came from an MC with some level of lyricism.

  • Booga Bang

    Def Jam signed Trinidad James… not the other way around…. goddamm ya’ll some bitter ass niggas…. i hope you all power through… the song is catchy as fucc… like it should be…. he says simply… THIS AIN’T FOR NO FUCC NIGGAS…. thats exactly why ya’ll dont like the shit… ya’ll extra lame… let that man cook…. its a fuccing party song… this nigga was not trying to be introspective or give you any thought provoking lyrics… its exactly what it is and ya’ll are drinking the kool aid…. maaaaaaane ya’ll are lame as fucc…. if you don’t like… then don’t like it…. go listen to your Childish Gambino or whatever you kids are listening to these days…. i love you all… Jesus was messican…

  • marty mcfly

    Ali, now if your taking singles and artists with careers that only lasted 2 to 3 years then yeah Def Jam can make some money off singles and shit but if your talking the top level of hip hop and rappers with long careers and sales that fans have supported then your talking about alot of lyricists. Now people gonna jump up to defend Trinidad because they think everything is about hating the artist but they not reading my particular comments and understanding whats being said. Which is cool

  • Booga Bang

    lyricists are boring…. hahaha… fucc ya’ll… ya’ll remind me why i dont ever get on here…. you all prolly do music in some kinda way… just like me… and we all just wanna get on doing what we love…. i’m sure this whole comment section makes subpar fuccin music…. but you’re expressing yourself and you’d prolly cry if you had to even overhear half the hate ya’ll are lashing out at this man…. straight up…. get your lives together… i know horrible music… this is not it…. ya’ll gotta quit being so lame cuzz… really tho..

  • who cares

    *Waits for Booga Bang to kill himself*

  • fafafa

    Shyne… nothing more to say about Def Jam

  • Don Gargon

    Trinidad?! Waddi raaseclart?!?! Naa come again bredjin… we ALL KNOW Jamaica a run tings… Jamrock all dyeh… A wuh… #BlackGoldnGreen

    …oh yeah fuck Nicki… tek weh yuself…

  • lklklk

    @Booga Bang…There has to be some standard in hip hop. I like hip hop but if I listen to it on a daily basis I’ll probably go insane. I understand that rappers like Trinidad are trying to make hits rather than some lupe type of music. He can rap about anything positive, but instead its that same drug, sex, violence “fuck u niggas”. Funny thing is most people, like you, enjoy this type of music because the public has been brainwashed with rappers like ross and wayne. These clowns have no fucking morals at all and are just after the money. This music reflects the black culture and they are ruining it.

  • Dump

    The mixtape isn’t that bad. Don’t judge him just off of that one song.

  • all I know is dude better get that grill fixed…. I’m mad he went and got gold in his mouth in the first place, he prolly coulda been had it fixed smh

  • Dixson

    I hope people know he is a industry plant the same thing as ASAP Rocky

  • 2Deep


    People aren’t judging him off that one song, they’re judging him because they are too stupid to understand that this isn’t hip hop. It’s a genre of rap that’s hot right now.

    So of course commercial labels will sign artists they think they can make money on. It’s called business.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Yeah but thats not what the statement from Def Jam says. It doesn’t say were just some commercial label folks thinking we can make money cause its called business. If they would’ve said that then it would’ve at least been the truth. However what It says is “Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists. Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. THAT whole statement was bullshit. Def Jam gonna sign whats “hot” right now but then try to put it out tomorrow and wonder why it dont work. Now if Trinidad puts out dope music then that would be a great so its all good but if Def Jam and the followers of this type of shit find out later why trying to ride fads that you dont know when will come to an end, isn’t really a good idea. Then hey, you should’ve known how this type thing goes most times by now.

  • KillaCam

    lil B>Trinidad James

  • DonnieGenesis

    I’m in agreement with the comment that says there is room for all types of hip hop. Sometimes I wanna chill to a Common CD or get into the new album by Kendrick Lamar, and sometimes I’m drunk as hell and just want something as funny as Trinidad James. There is an over abundance of ignorant rap for sure but thank god it was shown to me by a label and I didn’t have to find it on my own.

  • Grimyteddy

    Soulja + Game * Jerome from Martin / Lil John = Trini James, Top Coon of 2013

  • yeaa

    on another note….honey cocaine killed this for 2.29 sec jus sayin shuld be her song imo

  • D

    Is this serious?

  • fifththirdaro

    one thing for certain… don’t be S.A.F.E ….

  • YATTi

    This song is ok but I cant listen to this shit for long. Dude looks like a rip off of a pimp and asap rocky. I should start fucking rapping since anyone can get a deal.

  • JayTwo

    Put some damn air in the tires…nigga nigga nigga

  • malcyvelli

    “top coon 2013” DEAD

  • dontworryboutthenameSikeItsPaulSon


  • Dude is entertaining, checked his mixtape earlier he str8. Gold On My MacBook smooth as hell.