Cassidy – Condom Style

blame it on Illy December 14, 2012

Cass makes a safe sex awareness song over exactly what you think it’s over…

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  • Trill Cosby

    I understand you’re trying to take your life in the right direction, and do good Cassidy .. but please, leave it out of the music. Better yourself and don’t make tracks about the journey getting there. And for God’s sake, NOBODY should EVER spit ANY bars over the classic PSY instrumental. Cassidy still that nigga .. but a ‘Nope’ for this, definitely.

  • Mike Diesel

    niggaz hating on a guy speaking good?

    guys wanna hear that shooting shit like what just happened in that elementary school.

  • Wow

    What the literal fuck, Cassidy?

  • Gizzle

    aright guys untwist ur fuckin hip hop panties, i don’t think cassidy is honestly trying to promote safe sex like when matt damon gets on those commercials and promotes awareness for breast cancer or some shit like that, the word condom was most fitting to rhyme with gangnam in a hip hop sense and bc that literally is one of the best words that fits he decided to dedicate the song to that … i actually find this shit hilarious tho, i enjoyed listening to gangnam style on occasion so now that this dropped ill prob substitute this for the previous song sung by an american hating gook, stop hatin on cass n appreciate the hilarity in this song … STROKE EM CONDOM STYLE

  • Benji

    Dude’s right. If Cassidy was serious about promoting safe sex would he really choose Gangnam Style for the backdrop? That’s almost the most unserious beat you could rap over to promote a serious problem. Do us all a favor “Trill Cosby”, lighten the fuck up, throw a sweater on and eat some pudding pops.

  • fastflipper

    wtf is that

    cassidy go kill ur self

  • Taran


  • fuck you

    I don’t even like Cassidy. dude is a fucking faggot. but even I know he made this cuz he probably thought it was funny as fuck. Even you arrogant “hip hop head internet lyrical geniuses” know the original fuckin song sounds like that Korean nigga is saying “condom style”. Y’all take shit too seriously.

  • Trill Cosby


    So you’re trying to tell me that if this was over a serious beat, it would be better? These punchlines over a joke beat, I agree. But, the lyrics are SUBPAR, especcially in comparison to Cass. And you’re fucking retarded if you think the BEAT is what makes this bad. Cassidy tried to bandwagon on the world’s most popular beat before anybody else did. This isn’t a ‘joke’ track. Cassidy’s career isn’t in any position to be making play around tracks. Given, I’m an AVID Cass fan, I’m not trippin. I respect the message he’s pushing. But from a promotional/business aspect, please, don’t try and support a dude’s missteps. This could’ve ended up on RAoF and nobody would’ve questioned it. This wasn’t a smart move, simple as that. The only saving grace is if he didn’t intend for this track to end up getting released .. even in the informal, blog site manner. I’m a Cass fan, regardless. The religious freestyle on Power 105 was HOT. This .. trash. Be easy.

  • Trill Cosby

    And dawg, I listen to everything from Skewby to 2 Chainz to Joey Bada$$ to Lil B. Please don’t tell me to lighten up. I don’t take Hip Hop seriously. Hip Hop is art, anybody can make anything they want. But if Cass wants to get all the way back on .. this isn’t a smart move. Ima stick with that.

  • yup

    Mike WiLL Made It – Est. In 1989 2.5 Tracklisting:
    2. The Turn Up (Ft. Trinidad Jame$)
    3. On The Town (Ft. Young Jeezy)
    4. Straight Pimpin (Ft. 2 Chainz & Future)
    5. Easy (Ft. Ludacris & Ca$h Out)
    6. Loud Pack (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz)
    7. Dollar $ign$ (Ft. Big Boi, A$AP Rocky & Ty$)
    8. EAT (Ft. ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar)
    9. I Hit That (Ft. Gucci Mane & Juicy J)
    10. Juiced (Ft. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame)
    11. Pour It Up (Ft. Rihanna)

  • yup

    1. Midterm (Ft. Drake & Pusha T)

  • Tbxlsd

    I wish I could nope this a hundred more times. I get the message but some songs should never leave the studio

  • heh


  • chris

    I expected a play on the tiger style sample used in that Wu song.

  • B Sykes

    I’m speechless

  • QZA

    Drake and Push wouldn’t be on a song together. Fake tracklist @yup nice try

  • Nova

    yo this is the best song i’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Classic


  • De


  • Preach

    Yeah Dont fuck these hoes raw..fuck around and end up with no dick.

    I dont fuck raw unless shes asian.

  • big ass condom

    imma best rapper alive



  • jo

    i rather die than be cassidy

  • jjj

    i saw his recent prime video, and is still a hip hop harry (rap mascot) fuck araund and get frisked for having this low class as your idol

  • peaceofpi

    This is hot. He’s not even using his boring ass Cassidy flow.

    Rappers need to have fun like this more often.

  • Randall Campbell

    Smart Move! It’s fun, has a great message, and apparently was a good business move.