Dido – Let Us Move On f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Meka December 14, 2012

Twelve years ago Dido collaborated with another Aftermath artist in what turned out to be one of the biggest songs of her career. Today she drops her collaboration with Aftermath’s newest artist, her first single from her upcoming fourth studio album dropping in March. Head down bottom to listen.

  • Curtis Blackson

    SICK!!! Better than some of this rap shit. I heard when you fall out of love the drop is deep – Kendrick referring to post relationship depression. DOPE. Fuck Trinidad James lame Rick James ass.

  • frostythekid

    i just came a bit, i love these artists so much !!

  • Chuck E

    “Collaborated”? C’mon, stop that shit, you know better. She got sampled from old material, was wise enough to clear it & capitalize on it. None of that is a knock on her by any means, but there’s a difference her & Em wanting to work together so bad and The 45 King telling Em “yo, I got something; it’s different, but it could be dope if you do something with it”.

  • Chuck E

    Otherwise, shit is dope. I fuck with Dido.

  • cap

    you guys are all pathetic. kendrick is on a song with dildo and now are you fags are talking about omg i love both these artsists and you fuck with dildos. fuckin pathetic.

  • who cares

    Overall reaction: Meh. Kendrick’s verse is dope, but seems like Dido just repeated the same shit throughout the entire song. Beat is nice as fuck. If someone could get this starting with Dido’s chorus right before Kendrick’s verse until the end I’d put it on the iPod.

  • Butterfly

    Song is hot and this is a great look for Kendrick. His gonna be a household name soon.

  • Zakaveli

    @ChuckE too bad they did collaborate on this record dumb ass. if you could read you would know that the description said dido collaborated with the new interscope artist on a song that will be on her new album which is going to be released in march. nice try tho, fuck-boy. (bang bang)

  • stoppp ittt

    Dildo and kenDick Laballs

  • wow

    produced by SOUNWAVE

  • The Real

    @Zakaveli you completely misunderstood what ChuckE was talking about. He was referring to Eminem’s song ‘Stan’ that just sampled Dido, not this song with Kendrick which is a real collaboration. Take your own advice and learn how to read.

  • gasoline

    kendrick kills every verse, his consistency is highly impressive..

  • CABNumber

    What I don’t understand is why the pic is of Kendrick, when it’s a Dido song. and then after the jump a pic of Kendrick & Q. Why?

  • Bnlcmb

    Because TDE is winning

  • you

    Meka just sounds dumber and dumber with every post. “Stan” was not a collaboration; it was a direct sample from her already recorded song “Thank You”. But she did appear in the video for it anyway.

  • Trill O’Reilly

    I like how even though this is a Dido song you decided to post a picture of your boyfriend Kendrick instead.

  • norman

    why do u guys hate so hard? everytime i read these comments its just a bunch of complaining. shake & meka have one of the dopest hip hop sites out and u guys are upset because there’s a picture of k. dot and not dido…

    u realize how elementary that sounds? have u ever asked urself why you even care in first place..

  • lwdrudy

    i think it would’ve been dope if dido would have just been the chorus…

  • trouble

    today was a good day

  • illicitly ill

    I bet there’s a picture of Kendrick because he’s the hip hop artist on the song and this is a hip hop blog…

  • OveranalyticalFucks

    I like this song. Something to vibe to.