• crackadon

    what's up with everyone blatantly copying what Kanye does? shit is embarrassing at this point. a bunch of artists did it when the original good fridays were around in 2012 and now everyone is doing it in 2012.

    get some originality and dignity, people.

  • Son

    Jay Rock, Skeme and Gangsta Gibbs >>>>>

  • Pensive

    @crackadon i agree i hate how everyone is jacking that album artwork (even though its not that special) but to be fair kanye copied the good music weekly series idea from crooked i

  • http://BackPack.BackPackNY.com BackPack

    It's funny how I def. didn't want to listen to this track because of the cover art. Lol.
    Crooked I huh? What? Who IS that REALLY?