Classified - Inner Ninja (Video)

First single off Classified's upcoming album, dropping Jan. 29.

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  • YB

    His first single was Anything Goes. No?

  • Oh No

    I'm sorry but this shit is corny as fuck.

  • onthereal

    this shit maybe hecorny, but i'd play it for my kid

  • Skooby

    @ Oh No - Corny as fuck? Wow. Remember who the ones who are most influenced by the shit they hear, the kids. He's not talking about blunts or bitches or fronting on how much money he "says" he has...therefore "it's corny"? You're probably the same dude who pops bottles at the club, then can't pay his rent.

  • Deacon The Villain

    I fux with it.


Rick Ross - "Family Ties" (Video)

After cosigning Meek's recent rant, Ross drops a new video off Hood Billionaire.

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