• http://www.reupspot.com vick

    beautiful track. #PrayForNewton.

  • Kanye East

    gay ass voice in the beginning. holy shit

  • noir

    @Kanye East

    Exactly what I was thinkin'...

  • agonyc

    what kinda bird attempts to capitalize and gain from the death of children?? SMH

  • Frank Kennedy

    lmao dude sounds softer than baby powder in the beginning.. mikes my nigga though.

  • chuck

    capitalize? on free music? gtfoh

  • Wu Tang

    nigga this is free how he should maKE Money with it ? faggot

  • Pops

    This track is the epitome of "it's the thought that counts". Maybe next time just send the families a card or something.

  • naoshad

    yeah cool idea. the voice, NOT SO MUCH