Swerve & SYG – Love, Loss, Interlude…

blame it on Shake December 15, 2012

Swerve and SYG are back at it. And with Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 on the way, the duo drop off the first single. Produced by D-Rock.

  • realtalk™

    Dope! When is that tape dropping I’m inclined to give it listen after this..

  • distressedinmytwenties

    really, really, really impressed by everything Swerve does. Found his website after you guys mentioned it on the last thing he did and wow. All i can say is what a passionate artist this guy is. I hope this guy gets the attention he deserves soon!

  • Masteryourwork

    It’s really mind blowing how much better it sounds when you download it. It’s like night and day from the soundcloud. I wonder if that means these guys need to get someone better to master their work. either way! when you download it, it sounds amazing.

  • buckeyeknight

    Again!?!? Swerve and syg do it again. yall need to stop sleepin on these guys. swerve always drops fire and brings his A game. his work ethic shows in every project. holla! can’t wait for this complete project

  • SLOlife

    sounds like winter’s here!

  • Outstanding track, as always

  • MFZoned

    LMAO Good Job on the artwork Shake, I see you removed the ice from the whiskey this time around, good move.

  • MFZoned

    Gonna go bump the first one again till this drops.

  • stephni

    How are these guys not more popular! glad to see they are at least getting the respect they deserve on 2dopeboyz. great song.

  • dontgassem

    ya he’s good, but you better stop gassin’ him before you turn him into a j.cole…fuck around and get signed just to flop hard with a bunch of 2wack4radio jams.

  • 2smooth


  • BtotheDon

    Swerve and SYG killing it as usual. 3 dope projects from Swerve all in the same year! Can’t wait for it to drop. Stop sleeping!

  • Billy F

    st8 dope.

  • hhd

    Swerve is the next Westcoast star.

  • wodaat