Big Sean – Guap (Video)

blame it on Illy December 16, 2012

Big Sean’s sophomore album, Hall of Fame, drops in 2013.

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  • REAL

    Pusha >>>>>>

  • Good Peoples

    Cool song! wack ass video!

  • malcyvelli

    video was straight, song was straight, i approve of this shit

  • Aye

    love this, great video too. not trying to be hard just having fun, the bingo hall part was dope wit the old ladys lol

  • all of mike waxx/carson videos are the same. trippy effects and overlaying mirror videos

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • nc0310

    Shit is wack people.. Sean’s ad-libs are annoying as fuck

  • marty mcfly

    @REAL, Pusha been working on that album since Sean made FF3 and since then Sean been putting out dope projects and really keeping GOOD music in the conversation for a couple years now more so then the other artists on the label (besides Kanye of course). The niggas dope end of story. He makes music for everybody no matter what kinda fan you are whether it be mainstream or underground because beneath all his commercialism he still is a lyricist. Imo Sean is the counter argument for people that say “real hip hop” cant be on a mainstream level cause the kid got lines for days.

  • BobbyWhite

    @marty mcfly i agree completely

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ WORD, I also say that because you know how when your talking about dope MCs vs wack rappers and then some people hit you wit the ol “some people just wanna have fun, they dont wanna be all serious all the time and real hip hop is boring”, type shit? Well Big Sean aint rapping about reading books, he’s rapping about having fun and he still manages to have bars. Just saying

  • KenDink1987

    Good to see him put his city on. The video was creative and it he didn’t need to have a bunch of bottles and strippers.

  • dave

    travi$ scott>>>>>>>

  • @marty mcfly, bravo. I cosign.
    Regardless of whether you like or don’t like his music, people are interested into what this nigga has to say.

  • 2dope4nope

    Alright this is dope and catchy << which is only needed mainstream wise and Sirius plays alright Sean.

  • cap

    what the fuck are you guys praising??? big sean is annoying and goody and corny as fuck wtf…… he aint talkin about shit either

  • tical

    dont mess with drugs or try to creep
    unless yall wanna end up six feet deep

  • KatoXV

    Alwyas happy to see a dude put on for the city… but as for the song, its just ok

  • bjr5005

    This video is perfect for the song. He could’ve easily shot this in the club with strippers and money. but he went to detroit. Song is good, video is great.

  • Shaniece

    I fucks with big Sean sooooo heavy 4 this video. That nigga was doing the BLADE!! Boyyyyyyyyyyy would youuuuuuuuu. Big Sean really bossing up on these bumz!

  • yuurp

    So leather everything is what’s hot right now lol? This nigga Danny Brown stays wearing leather cargo pants too. Oh and Danny Brown>>Sean with the witty punchlines and storytelling.. If Danny wouldve kept the dreads he’d be running the D right now but he’s doin him and the haircut has grown on me. Might want to chill on the molly too. You can’t be doin that shit all the time..

  • If you remember video from the late 90’s you’d know how dope this video is.