Chief Keef – No Tomorrow (In-Studio Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 16, 2012

Sosa does an in-studio clip of the Mike Will-produced “No Tomorrow” from his upcoming debut album, Finally Rich.

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  • loooooo

    did not understand a single fuckin word he said…

  • Johnson Barnes

    That album was straight garbage, his aspergers really shines through on this album.

  • Sam

    ey is it just me or is this song dope AS FUCK

  • Danny

    Will you guys stop posting this horseshit already?

  • wtf

    ^^^Will people stop complaining about videos being posted to a website they don’t have to visit?

  • realtalk™

    On songs like this one Chief Keef’s talent really shines through, he’s such a crafted lyricist.. o_0

  • Good Peoples

    What ever he is it don’t matter b/c his money shitting on all yall at the age 17!

  • chaze

    thats my dad

  • marty mcfly

    We’ll see how much money Chief has after paying back the label the money they given him and also paying most of the money from his royalties to them and the money from his most likely 360 deal with Interscope. Then 10 – 20 years after that, after the fame and the show money is gone. We’ll see how much money he’s still working with. In that same time frame, somebody with a good education and a good job from age 18 to 40 something can make the same amount of money as these rappers. In short, dont always worship a wack rapper just because they have money. Money cant make your music that much better at the end of the day.


    this nigga wearing some hot topic female backpack shit damn

  • chuck

    sick backpack bro.

    why yall promoting this shit?

  • Riley

    what is this shit?

  • ty law

    @loooooo.. exactly what I thought. I knew I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand shit he was saying.

  • nameless

    is this guy for real?? honestly. not a hater, but THIS song….HORRIBLE!

  • bob

    likin his voice on da beat but wtf is he even sayin