Dallas Penn Presents Sneaker Hypebeasts: MOE’s Sneaker Spot Grand Non-Opening (Video)

blame it on Meka December 16, 2012

This video is a dP documentary about a sneaker store’s failed grand opening in Queens. If you are familiar with my man on the street coverage of sneaker releases then you already know what it is. The store ended up not even opening because thousands of sneaker heads had massed around the store. – Dallas

This is for those who aren’t in control of their television right now, because the lady in their life has them stuck watch Bravo reality shows.

  • jfkuygliun

    this is disgusting as a young male from NYC. all I see are herbs and fuckygers including you DP

  • Dj ILL One

    They had to know this was gonna happen. They had every hyped release that came out this year. you didn`t think that it was gonna be droves of hypebeasts? SMART MOVE MOE`S!

  • deusexvagina

    so sad. all these grown ass men

  • 2FattObese

    the fuck is a fat youngin talking about liking running shoes.

  • YeDaTruth

    never understood the sneakerhead “culture”. just buy some decent looking shoes and keep it moving. but no, these fiends camp out for a week just to drop a stack on a limited edition colorway of some shit normally goes for $100. The funny part is no one knows except your other sneakerhead friends you’re trying to impress. the average dude or female walking down the street has no idea about your shoes. But lemme guess, you do it for YOU, RIGHT? The extra orange streak on the side of your jordans was worth that extra $500, right? I once knew a dude who spent his entire paycheck on a single pair of shoes, yet he owed child support. Priorites, people. SMH

  • 2dope4nope

    ^ word kicks don’t guarantee pussy haha chicks don’t walk by like damn those the kicks let’s get this jump off happening 9/10 ppl who walk by don’t compliment plus now a days raffle tix FOH I’ll get it when I can but all those on this vid live with they parents ppl got bills, car insurance, car payment & utilities smh shame when I see this but oh well that’s their lives “so sad. all these grown ass men” so true and I’m just 23 and “I once knew a dude who spent his entire paycheck on a single pair of shoes, yet he owed child support. Priorites, people.” daaaaaamn wow but yup PRIORITIES YA’LL plus homie was funny doc’n this vid slow Monday here.