Event: 2DopeBoyz x Rocksmith Present: DopeHouse (Dec. 18)

blame it on Shake December 16, 2012

Aight y’all, we are just two days away from the release of our DopeHouse collection with Rocksmith. And to celebrate the December 18th release, we’re throwing a party in NYC! Hosted by the homie Alexandra Estevez (the chick you’ve seen in all the previews, above included); two floors of music provided by Meka, DJ Getlive!, Mess Kid, CJ Milli, Sydney Love, Run P and DJ Boogatti; free giveaways provided by Rocksmith; and an overall good time. So if you’re in the area, be sure to come through and celebrate! Entry is free with RSVP: Email | Facebook

  • What an unflattering picture.

  • cap

    stop posting pics of this crusty ass hoe please

  • asasa

    i agree with both comments above. on top of that, this event looks kind of shitty and all events at happy endings usually turn out the same.

  • Nasty

    This chick grosses me out.

  • adolfmayne

    This is my bday but im gonna go check out checkyo ponytail out here in l.a

  • Pops

    Any dudes that actually find that shit attractive may as well just come out of the closet. You’re basically saying you like for females to dress up like dudes.

  • Idk what yall dudes talking about… Id smash that chick all night… When im hitting it she wont have on anything so i dont care what she has on in the picture…then id tell her to roll up… Done

  • lookatTHISnigga

    @Pops so, if we’re to follow you’re logic, then you would willingly sleep with RuPaul? You suspect ass manbitch. I bet you can suck a golfball through a garden-hose #FMJ

  • lookatTHISnigga

    your* … I am so ashamed of myself

  • Mike Tomlin

    Only thing hot is that shes rolling up. Otherwise she looks like a cracked out Gwen Stefani. 2DopeBoyz… thats yalls top model??

  • Ignorant Genius

    I don’t know what most of y’all niggas are on… most of the pictures she’s been in, she look good in… but uhh, looking her up and seeing her in color, she ain’t shit…

  • i RSVP’d, so i just walk in the event on that night ?

  • grimyteddy

    She looks like some kids ma runnin out the house for phillies…

  • meduh

    Yall got so much hate in yall heart takin bout this girl. If she had a big booty and her tits out yall wouldnt be sayin none of that shit.

  • Chiefeditor

    What is the dress code?

  • Wow that some fucked shit so ya mother fucker’s wanna talk all the shit & don’t know the real Alexandra Estevez & fake ass bitche’s & nigga’s on here do rocksmith X 2dopeboyz a favor & buy the clothing & keep ya fuckin mouth’s shut Reppin’ “Lower East Side” Luv China Doll