Kendrick Lamar On How Lil Wayne Influenced His Style (Video)

blame it on Illy December 17, 2012

K. Dot speaks on Power 106’s #CaliChristmas performance with Lil Wayne this past weekend with Civil TV.

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  • Lil wanye is done and kendrick is overrated
    Look up Ty mcfly “circus”

  • Good Peoples

    I knew this nigga was a faggot, and yall still gone ride his dick ain’t yall smh

    Pusha the only real nigga in mainstream! fuck these other rappers!

  • Asada

    It’s obvious that Wayne is an influence you can clearly hear it. Why you fags actin surprised?

  • koke


    Dick rider lol


    Was he paid to say this? Lol

  • Gin Toki

    This is good to see. You can be a hater if you want to but Lil Wayne has been one of the most creative rappers in the game, to say the least. You can already hear his influence in the younger generation, and salute K.Dot for being real about it.

  • swagonmydick

    Obviously you’re on the good kiid, maad city band wagon if you’re just finding out that Lil Wayne influenced Kendrick Lamar. He got a cosign from him back in 08-09. Also did people forget the C4 mixtape K.Dot made? People are retarded.

  • DatGuy

    I mean everyone listened to Wayne at least up to 07 before Carter III, but you noticed he said WAS influenced by him not AM. I can respect that.

  • KING

    What’s the deal with talented dudes giving props to Wayne all the damn time. He’s not that good. Dude uses the word “like” in every bar he spits. That’s not creativity. Just cuz the nigga sells doesn’t mean he’s the dopest dude in the world. Some of these rappers have to look at common sense and judge not just on the sales but on the overall skillset. Wayne’s got jackshit in skills.

  • mz

    @KING Like many previous people said, Wayne was truly a great rapper until about 07/08. Out of the 1000 songs that released like 90% of it was good. Not only that but his music was original, and that’s why hes influenced the younger dudes.
    It’s still sad to see the garbage he makes now. Its like one of my favorite rappers died

  • KING

    He wasn’t even that good in 07/08. I never understood the hype this fool had. When he’s at his best, he’s mediocre at best. To say he’s one of the greats of that time is absurd. There were too many artists doing their thing at that time.

  • malcyvelli

    i swear, people have no idea the power and influence that wayne had and still has on artists, too concentrated on how far hes slipped instead on how high he rose

  • bjr5005

    he wayne years ago when kendrick was 1st rapping is different from the wayne now. So I can understand why kendrick was influenced. It’s not like he praised wayne and put him above other rappers. It bothers me that people hate on kendrick, he’s a great artist.

  • bjr5005

    *the wayne years ago..

  • gasoline

    people why so much hate? coz he was influenced by lil wayne, now that makes him what, less talented, a sell out? people need to get their heads out of their asses…as much as i may not be a lil wayne fan i respect his work ethic and influence, and so shud kendrick…too much hate, appreciate a great in the making fuckers…

  • God you 2dopeboy visitors are dumb as fuck

    “you noticed he said WAS influenced by him not AM”
    come on fuck nigga, does the boy have to get that technical in his speech? or you just cant see Wayne winning because of some personal beef you got with dude? lets not act like fucking retards and think he isnt still riding with Wayne, especially with the footage of him performing with dude in that video

  • victor

    grown men speculating on the feelings of other grown men…smh gtfoh. dude said what he said, get the fuck over it. WHAT YOU EAT DONT MAKE HIM SHIT.

  • D39

    On the Saturday night of April 23rd, 2011 Kendrick Lamar sold out the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This was when HiiiPower was just released(before he released Section.80). After performing a few tracks alongside Schoolboy Q, K. Dot addressed the crowd and said “hey look, we know Lil Wayne just sold out the Staples Center a few hours ago (Lil Wayne was also performing that same night at Staples), but I’d like to thank you all here in attendance tonight for coming out and supporting real music! Real hip hop!” The crowd went bananas. Sooo I’m not sure wtf he’s talking about in this video here.

  • Mr. Wow

    Wayne is going down in the books. The nigga has done thing no other rap artist has done and is still doing it. Regardless if you like him or not you can’t knock his hustle or influence on this generation of rap fans. Wayne is better than many artist. He is a human cartoon, this generation version of busta rhymes. It is what it is.

  • Lil Vic

    niggas dont remember C4?!?!?!?