• Radio Killa

    1) Holy Love
    2) Slow It Down
    3) IV Play
    4) Procrastination
    5) Pussy!
    6) My Song
    7) Question
    8) Michael
    9) Lovin' You/Crazy
    10) Psycho
    11) Pieces
    12) Thirsty Whore

  • ewwe

    ^thank you for doing 2db's job better than them.

  • dubcyde

    Ok, but I'll be needing Let Your Hair Down and My Heart Skips Beats in CDQ mannn

  • bob

    wheres dope bitch?

  • Nightmare

    "Pscho" though?

  • vento

    7 says equestrian

  • http://www.ShadezOfBlue.com Download Beats

    Tracklist looks dope, hopefully this shit'll be on par with his debut

  • http://www.facebook.com/L12Official L12

    OMFG! im Flipping Excited But I Hope and PRAY he adds "Here i Is" In This Album!

  • REAL

    @Radio Killa it says equestrian not Question LOL

    But that shit is hard 2 read!

  • Good Peoples

    Im predicting "My Name is My Name" is gonna be the best Hip Hop album in years!

    And LoveIV will be the best Rnb album in years! MARK MY WORDS!

  • Dope!

    Been waiting a fucking long time for this album! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOVE IV