2DopeBoyz x Rocksmith Present: DopeHouse (Now Available!)

blame it on Meka December 18, 2012

The time has finally arrived.

2DopeBoyz and Rocksmith NYC is proud to present and debut the inaugural release of our first capsule collection: DopeHouse. After many teaser images and previews, today is the day we happily present our first foray into a new world. We hope that our fans – old and new – enjoy what they see, and maybe cop a beanie or two.

Check it all out – and follow the link to purchase – down bottom.

COP IT: 2DopeBoyz x Rocksmith Present: DopeHouse

  • Not gon lie that gold underbill is fire.

  • WHAT!

    Wish I was in the city celebrating wit ya’ll being that it’s my birthday 2day, but go ‘head n rock out 2nite. Ya’ll deserve it. How much for da snapback?

  • SD

    $100 UK shipping?!!!!

  • brite


    “$100 UK shipping?!!!!”

    This is total fucking bullshit.

  • Chiefeditor

    Is there a dress code tonite?

  • @SD i apologize on the shipping price. i had no clue, gonna look into it.

    @Chiefeditor nope nope

  • Money B McGee

    are you going to sell stuff at the party or at Rocksmith’s LES store? I’m not too big on online ordering but I want that skully.

  • SD

    @shake thanks, really wanna cop but cant afford that kinda shipping cost

  • @Money dont think well be selling tonight (will be giving away a couple though) and im pretty sure the LES store will have it. double check today and let you know.

  • doc rovers

    $40 for a hat? no thanks. not even that appealing. think of your audience.

  • Osi

    100 dollar shipping? lol..does the model come with my purchase? If so I might think about dropping some pocket change.

  • > $40 for a hat? no thanks. not even that appealing. think of your audience.

    oh, you mean the same audience who have consistently come here for free stuff for the last five+ years? right.

  • asdf

    ^ Meka, I think that’s his point.

  • DopeHouseRat

    yo Meka, where’s the download link for that snapback?

  • it’s a limited release. once they sell out (which is going to happen based off sales already), they are gone. so it’s more than just another hat.

  • Strife Immaculate

    Shit’s expensive as fuck… what it cost to make? Like $2 each and then yinz gonna charge $35? Crazy.

  • M^2

    @Strife Becuase a majority other companies don’t do that right? But when 2DBZ does it it’s crazy.

  • M^2

    do it*

  • doc rovers

    im sorry idc if its 2dbz or not and i support 2dbz like crazy. idc what brand it is, $40 for a hat is silly. i got bills to pay. btw isnt shake a graphic designer from what i understand? why such a minimal design that anyone with a computer could make? wish you success tho

  • jrugged

    This clothing isn’t attractive and it doesn’t look to be made of nice materials, either. Disgusting.

  • Estevan

    $13 shipping for a beanie is absurd.

  • @doc rovers its a salute to our west coast upbringing.

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    i hate people that complain about shit like this. Theyve been good hosts on this site for years and held us down with giveaways, parties and the like, so dont come on here just to say the cant design or theyre charging too much. I wont be ordering anything cause money is tight right now, but theyre just trying to add a little revenue stream to a largely per diem business. I hope you guys sell out and do more stuff cause it looks good.

  • realtalk™

    The hate is strong in the 2DBZ c-section.. what else is new?

    This is just an overall good look for a blog all of you obviously visit frequently.. stop bitching..

  • ass

    nothing like seeing a model presenting herself like all she knows how to is roll blunts and suck dick to help get the product off the shelves! im sorry but im so sick of this shit. maybe another kendrick interview its been like 2 hrs since the last one.

  • i RSVP’d, do i just walk in the event? or do i have to show the message i’ve got to the people at the door..

    what exactly is being given away ?

  • wat

    Stuff is cool but too expensive. Sorry 2DBZ. Still appreciate the blog.

  • Don’t like it, don’t buy it, simple as that. Posting about how much you don’t like it won’t change anything.

    Any chance the shipping prices will be reduced? It costs an arm and a leg to get it to Bahrain (shouldn’t, given the snap-back is very light).

  • gregory kruxx.

    people complaining about 40 buck snapbacks need to shut the fuck up. its 2012 the dollar aint worth shit. SMH. $20 is the new $5… Supreme was selling fitteds for 40 back in like 03 and yall clowns wana complain. let me get this right dudes are supposed to give everything away for free. Yo if its too much for ur pocket jus keep it moving…damn
    Good luck to the dopehouse on their limited line…people are fucking dumb i tell u.

  • verbalvirgo1

    where can we cop them rocksmith boxers?

  • Im coming thru tonight to support… I’ll def cop a beanie and a shirt after this last minute christmas shopping for the fam… Cant be selfish

  • JAyP

    you know a nigga broke when they complain about a product they dont have to buy LOL! Niggas with money dont say shit if they dont like it..


  • jundamane24

    Was gonna cop the shirt & snapback then I see “$112.42 for shipping to Australia.” So then I said “fuck dat”(in my k dot voice from A.D.H.D. no less) & canceled the order. True Story.

  • ajh

    “nothing like seeing a model presenting herself like all she knows how to is roll blunts and suck dick to help get the product off the shelves! im sorry but im so sick of this shit. maybe another kendrick interview its been like 2 hrs since the last one.”

    this sums up everything about this post and entire site perfectly. you couldnt be any less creative or cliche if you trid. a girl smoking weed? wtf is this tumblr

  • Ariec

    girls with tattoos smoking weed. so original

  • EdouardZ

    Asap rock longliveasap leaked!!

  • Brady

    Yall come here for free music, news, and shit but then when the time comes for something you have to pay for (and it’s not even mandatory) and you have a problem with that? Get over it. Not everything can be free.

  • Peekay

    Wish you guys well in the sales. Can’t justify $60 to get a hat though (shipping is $20)

  • Peekay

    sorry, that’s to get shipped to Toronto

  • MystaAdam

    I like the line but I won’t lie: the beanies and hats remind me of the old school Eazy E/Bone Thugs/Ruthless gear from the 90’s.

  • $HEEP

    is it true that 2DBZ Make an estimated $22,750 each month from people coming on here for free music

  • monster

    i do not understand all tha fuckin’ shit talk. i don’t even blaze but what tha fuck would you like them to use for promoting? nothin’ wrong with a smokin’ hottie smokin’ a phatty. keep this ish up, i love tha work. word..

  • Shit look too 90’s era

  • HiiiLife

    that shipping is expensive as fuck like WOAH! …iʻll just go to my local LIDS and get that same font on a beanie or a hat of my choice for $14. iʻma rep the bootleg dope house hahaa!

  • AKAssassin

    @Shake & Meka – I was hyped for the clothes, $35 is affordable. However, with shipping to Alaska costing $35.40 – more than the clothes – is ridiculous. I wish you guys the best and hopefully yall sell out of all your gear (in yall area, apparently) – but please get a handle on the shipping costs…

  • doc rovers

    why do people keep saying “you dont have to buy it”…no shit. the issue here is that we were PLANNING buying it aka WANTING to support the dopehouse for what theyve done. but when we looked at the price tag, the cost was wildly overpriced for the product, sorry we arent all “balling” like some people and can drop $40 on a $25-30 at most product like some of you posters claim you can. its not a big deal tho, very solvable, and just giving shake and mek creative criticism to help them with (hopefully) the next line. chill, folks, chill.

  • Money B McGee

    I dont get the complaints, 35 – 40 bucks for a hat is normal where I live (NYC) and is actually on the low end for a limited edition brand name collaborative product. I can see why folks would get upset at the price of shipping but 2Dope/Meka & Shake don’t own FedEx UPS DHL or whatever so they have absolutely no say in how much shipping costs so to gripe to them is useless.

  • Sam

    Man, I don’t even give a shit about the gear can we please just get this off the first page? It’s getting real stale posted twice every single day. Just put a tab on the side or something.

  • Kno

    Nothing like hate from broke people. “$40 for a hat?” Fucking….EVERY hat costs $35-40.

  • Money B McGee

    @Kno I was thinking the same thing. these niggas moms must still buy their clothes

  • Mister

    That Alexandra Estevez tee is FIRE.

  • Mister

    Very dope brand. Hope to see more soon. might cop 2 BEANIES!

  • VSOP

    lmao at people complaining about cost.

    first off: it’s dope product, not many cats around your way will be rocking it, so you’ll be one of a kind (unlike that white tee from foot locker),

    secondly: you’re supporting/showing respect to a website you most likely visit daily to get free music.

    Holidays got my wallet starving right now, but I’ll most likely cop that “Dopehouse” t-shirt. Any chance of getting it in different colors? bright green or army green possibly?

    And looking forward to something with “2dopeboyz” on it since I buy anything related to Outkast tunes

    I respect the hustle, keep doing ya thing and good looks on the daily music, my iPod’s veins itch without a visit to this site

  • dfgfdg

    man, its been like 3 hours without a new kendrick or J57 post….what am i gonna do? maybe another freebie?

  • jeppie

    i dig the site but your gear don’t look official. It looks cheapish, I was interested to see if you guys had something bangin’ but naw hopefully next time your line comes with better looking gear.

    tell me why does chick look like Amy Winehouse? I can’t rock a coke head on the front of my tee…

  • Wolfy

    You know the PRO ERA dropped right?

  • fdh


  • Ya Moms Dad

    Who the fuck is gunna pay that much for a hat or beanie that just says “Dopehouse”? shits not that sweet

  • Koop

    The model ugggly

  • @ Meka, first off, i know youve given away things before, but the majority dont come here randomly for the free giveaways, if youre gonna talk like that to the people on this site they could just leave, its not like youre the only one doing this, theres thousands of sites JUST LIKE this, so dont act like youve been paying for everything, youre just part of a music blogs which there is thousands of, honestly, that was rude as fuck to say, BUUUT, just my two cents

  • SJB

    Honestly I’m not feeling the designs. I’d definitely purchase a 2DBZ logo tee if I enjoyed the look and texture of the shirt. Oh and if/when you reduce that $100 UK postage!

  • Ryan

    Shake, Meka

    What’s with the crazy shipping prices? Doesn’t seem to matter where you live, the shipping is crazy expensive … ?

  • Mac Dre

    I’m really feeling everything you guys put out. Not dick riding, just saying that the people hating are just the same people that hate on everything. Good look.

  • Real shit

    Hurry up and get back to posting music cause yall niggas slacking, nobody wants to waste money on this that ugly shit, it looks cheap as fuck…

  • gregory kruxx.

    Remember Haters Hate. Cause they are only jealous, envious and lust you for what they can not do or have..If you don’t have anything good to say just dont say anything at all…But this is the world we live in today, so I guess it is what it is…

  • JonDough

    OVER PRICED only suckers would pay for this

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

    hahahah bunch of poor fucks in this bitch! shits dope, copped a hat and the beanie.


  • kellogg

    I want the beanie, but I got a shipping price at 142 dollars. What the actual fuck?

  • kennyis22

    sell 2dbz stickers

  • Shirt and the hat look like trash I could get that shit made at some hood ass mall from the Koreans

  • TheHemperor

    Lmao at Meka! The “free stuff” you’ve provided? How about the fact that your blog relies on aggregation of media and that you don’t create any of the music which you generate advertising revenue on? Yeah, $100 for a hat that was made in a sweat shop for pennies on the hour? Dude, fuck off.

  • @gregory kruxx, so im assuming that youve never once said anything was bad ever since youve adopted the philosophy?? yeah?? if you have said something bad, youre a hypocrite and a dick, but if not, then congrats, but no one really cares