Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city Goes Gold

blame it on Shake December 18, 2012

Just under two months after good kid, m.A.A.d city was released to the world, Kendrick Lamar can now hang a Gold plaque on his wall as sales have officially surpassed 500k. Congrats homie!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Amazing. He went Gold with no radio air play before his album. If you listened to the radio Kendrick Lamar did not exist until Drink was played on the radio.

    For it to be the first song that was played nationally and he still went Gold in weeks is simply amazing.

    Every record label should take notice. Just imagine if the push nut ass Two ugly sticks or Rick Ross had was spent on Kendrick.

    Instead of Gold he would have went platinum in this time.

    I hope he reaches platinum. Just going Gold in the time that he did with no major push should put every rapper who gets that and their record label to shame.

    The last hope may save hip hop after all.

  • Support K. Dot

    Proof that good music sells above all

  • j

    prob shipped gold. but good nontheless. platinum here we come

    good word of mouth promotion on this tbh with goin in everyones top 3 of the year or aoty

  • Jules

    GOLD! *STS voice*

  • joshuawraight

    congratulations homie.. #Hiiipower #EAT

  • flo

    he sold another 26k. he is over 500k sold, not shipped.

  • itoldyallmuthafuckas

    Lovin this. real hip hop going gold, these days, is unheard of. BIG congrats to him. i hope that whomever is up next whether it be ab or q share the same success.

  • Mr. Wow

    Congrats on the gold. TDE deserves all of the rewards they are getting. However some of you fail to realize that this album wouldn’t be a success without Dre. The mix, production, and concepts were crafted, shaped, and molded by Dre. Why yall acting like Dre don’t sell records and make artist pop? If Dre had no hand in this project it would have done section 80 numbers. KDot released his commercial singles and was getting airplay until he released that poetic justice record that was playing in the Bay for a while but hasn’t received the push it needs to take off.

  • Joe

    dre didnt really have a hand in it ^ in a interview kendrick said dre really didnt help much… he knew kendrick was a developed artist and had confidence that his album would be great without his help

  • three

    gold all in my plaque, gold all on my wall dont believe me just watch nigga nigga nigga

  • Mr. Wow

    @Joe KDot on Aftermath records and Dre didn’t have a hand in this project? ANy Kdot fan knows this album has a different sound that TDE wasn’t producing before this project. The most played single is a Dre assisted track off of the album. Do you really think the album mix is all credited to Mix By Ali? Dre has the ears nigga. You telling me Dre has shaped and groomed every artist on his label past and present except for KDot? You know nothing about this biz if you think so shallow.

  • cloud9

    Of course Dre had a hand in it but you can’t put the whole album’s success on his presence

  • hong

    yo i hvnt seen one REAL cd copy of mkgc around me. many ppl have it on ipod tho idk

    anyways congradulations kdot

  • mr. Wow

    @cloud9, Yes I can. TDE would not have this success if they were signed to any other label. TDE got extra support they wasn’t getting when they aligned themselves a west coast power house life aftermath and DRE. This game is all about who you know and trust TDE wouldn’t have done it on there own.

  • marty mcfly

    @Clayton Bigsby, This is definitely a good thing because any “real hip hop” album that goes gold nowadays is a great thing but you cant really say or imply that he did all this without much radio play or commercial promotion. Kendrick had years of promo in the mainstream behind GKMC and thats just being real about it. At the end of the day an album needs more then word of mouth to go gold and even though his singles didnt get as much play as say a Trey Songs single on radio, the Swimming Pools video came on tv alot of times everyday for months. Its a good thing to have anyway so if a dope album gets alot of promo it shouldn’t be looked down upon.

  • marty mcfly

    As far as the Dr Dre thing. Dre played the same role as he always did, which is come in at the end. Dre didnt do most of The Slim Shady LP or GRODT from 50 or The Documentary from Game but he did get involved and anytime you have Dr Dre involved thats gonna add value. Kendrick still did most of the leg work, YES and he deserves his credit but acting as if Dr Dre aint really a factor at all is just crazy.

  • crizzy

    if dre woulda produced a banger as his first single.. GKMC woulda went platinum

  • A real Kendrick (k dot) fan

    you guys are retarded if any of you were actual Kendrick fans you would know that DR. DRE didn’t interfere with the album at all except for Compton and the recipe even though the recipe was supposed to originally go onto the detox but it was to obvious that Kendrick wrote the whole song. All dr. dre did was fund it man Kendrick has been putting that album together since he released his first ep.

  • Mr. Wow

    Start a business and look for funding. I bet your investors interest become a big deal…

  • rhyme like po

    and that’s a big middle finger to you, shyne!! RHYME LIKE PO!

  • Disfunction

    This guy need to switch up his flow, change is nerd voice, and quit trying to do some Outkast shit and it would be cool.

  • marty mcfly

    @A real Kdot stan, Dre did alot for Kendrick ok. From the performance together at Cochella, to the XXL cover and interview where Dre speaks of Kendrick as his protege to Look Out For Detox, to Compton to The Recipe to mixing Swimming Pools to a bunch of interviews where Dre was brought up by Kendrick in regards to working with him. On the west that just doesn’t happen much. Its like maybe once or twice every 5 years that Dre will be brought up in conversation with a new artists album. Would Kendrick have still sold alot anyway? YES but still Dre did something to help GKMC along the way. Dre said himself that he pushed Detox back for GKMC. Anytime such a statement is made that alone will generate more interest and not to mention Kendrick was 2DBZ favorite super hero for like 2 years almost. Off subject though, I wish Ev & ALC would let Dre put out the Step Brothers album. Some of you probably still dont even know what im talking about but that shit would sound like a monster, even if the mainstream wont get it. Musically Dre is alot closer in sound to Evidence then he is with any other artists he’s ever worked with besides maybe Game. Done

  • Powblenmg

    Congrats! I wish Joe Budden could do the same. But the Indy. KDOT x COLE x BUDDEN!!! Budden a GOAT

  • west coast illmatic

    congrats to west coast nas

  • QBN

    Well, K-Dot did his numbers and is making his impact on the culture.. only a hater can front on that.. Dre, of course he’s a big part of K’s success. Name brand association.. This industry is all about co-signs; almost impossible to break through mainstream without a bigger artist backing you..

  • 12k

    @QBN This industry is all about co-signs? What about Wale’s Interscope Debut, he was one of the most touted rappers coming up in the game and only pushed 12k first week. Wasn’t everbody hyping Wale? The album was a terribe piece of work. Who needs a co-sign when you drop an Album Like Good Kid, M.a.a.d City

  • marty mcfly

    Nobody got a similar amount of cosigns, praise, and industry hype as Kendrick except for J Cole and Drake. Dr Dre on the album twice, Rookie of the Year by Source mag, coverage by both the major music Tv stations, hyped on every blog and most of his fans still compare Kendrick to Nas when there is hardly any comparison at all flow wise or musically. All that helps push albums which is cool but most dope lyricists will not get that same kinda push.

  • Da God Poet

    @Disfunction, K.Dot doesn’t need to change his flow and he sounds nothing like Outkast. Kendrick found a groove that worked for him and it made him successful. His original flow was a lot more raspy and deep

  • Jay

    Great for hip hop.

  • Chris Morton

    its awesome to see real art and structure put into a whole hiphop album. My guess for the next sleeper album of the year is Tijon’s White Noise ep. both albums just flow through sooo god damn perfect

  • Suffice

    I made a comment just cause Kendricks album went gold. And I never comment

  • Trill O’Reilly

    I wanna congratulate Kendrick on going gold with his overrated ass album. His fans could’ve been upfront with him & told him his album was weak as fuck, but no, you decided to dickride instead of keeping it trill.