• juice

    solo dolo pt 2 ft kendrick. Cant wait

  • http://www.straightfitted.vcom unnamus

    didnt he quit smokin??

  • dolla signs

    cudi iz that nigga.indicud will be the best album of 2013.

  • logan

    i look up to cudi so much i wouldnt hesitate to let him fuck my bitch.i love you scott no homo no frank ocean

  • http://pornhub.com ayoooo


  • abstractHOE!

    Cudi Tha Gawd! Cudi gonna come thru with this one

  • spencer

    Why do people even care about this guy? He is an ignorant asshole who makes shitty music.

  • John Starks

    @ Spencer. Why are you on this post then?

  • realtalkTM

    Not everyone will like his music.

    But to call him an 'ignorant asshole'.. you must know nothing about Scott.

  • kush clouds

    Cudi is cocky & arrogant definitely not a "ignorant asshole"