Roc Marciano - 76 (Video)

blame it on Illy December 18, 2012

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  • AndOneill

    love this shit! gritty new york

  • Dixson

    This is the kind of hip hop i love

  • chronwell

    Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

  • 5th

    The fact that goldwatch shot this whole video with Super 8 film is incredible to me.

  • StayHigh149

    Beautiful... prolly the DOPEst shit all year (thus far); both the visual AND the track... props to Roc...

    N.Y. til I die... EVERLASTING... Peace to the glorious 5 boroughs...

    Marce Nigguh!...

  • Lo Rider

    Dope vid! Most likely it's a filter and not 8mm. Niggas don't know what to do with film these days. Splicing tape is an art. Nice visuals nonetheless.