Thoughts On Wiz Khalifa’s ‘O.N.I.F.C.’?

blame it on Shake December 18, 2012

Now that Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. has had some time to burn, we’d like to know your thoughts. Hit the c-section and let us know! Favorite cut? Verse? What would you like to change? You know the deal…

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  • wizfan

    Definitely better than the last album. The Plan w Juicy J really stood out to me.

  • I would change the whole album into a remastered version of Kush & Orange Juice, with standout tracks from Taylor Allerdice as bonus deluxe tracks.

  • armand couldnt have said it any better

  • Mike

    Shit sucked, Pharrell verse was the only thing I enjoyed listening to.

  • Joe

    he gave his fans what they wanted… cant really complain

  • Bugz

    Should have got a basedgod feature

  • chef

    ^^ truth

  • dave chappelle

    I will never listen to an album with a grown ass rapper dressed like that. The fuck man….? He’s on some wife’n up, knockin up stripper skinny pant wearing shit and I don’t like it. Kush and OJ or die.

  • Bitches B Trippin I Stay Dippin

    This was the worsst album of the year straight trash on one good song on the damn album The Plan feat. Juicy J, I can’t beleive I used to be a fan of this gimmicky fag

  • Bitches B Trippin I Stay Dippin


  • GeeZuP

    This album was ass dis nigga just raps about how rich he is and how your not him nigga is like a mini Birdman dude is a clown

  • Mike Tomlin

    Medicated is hot fire. The rest all sounds the same.

  • JohnnySwaggie

    I only liked a total of 5 songs, rest I could care less…5/10 for me

  • Strife Immaculate

    I fucks wit it. That jam wit Cam’ron is my shit!

  • kayo

    “The Plan” is one of the best songs he’s ever released IMO. Album is what it is, definitely better than Rolling Papers. Some good tracks, some horrible tracks.

    He should drop “Got Everything” as a single, I think that shit would be a hit, VERY catchy.

  • disdatfiya

    What to change?…maybe his fucking Cruella De Vil “jacket” and dem skinny jeans. Looks like he’s smuggling grapes down the SMH…

  • Rather listen to ATLIENS anyway

    I can see why the feminizing of the hip hop culture is so profitable…The question that shake asked was in regards to the music….But it seems the cover is still a topic…I didn’t listen to the album cover , apparently some of you did. In my opinion, this album isn’t his best though his harmonies are still interesting, The Bluff was dope and Rise Above was as well though i wish they removed amber rose..I wish the intro was a song everything else failed to be memorable…I feel that the pressure from his label and pressure to appease his fans may have gotten the best of him…I also think that hip hop heads complain about everything and fail to make any valid arguments on what is good and what is bad…whats the bar and who set it?

  • miro

    album is decent…a few hot tracks..remember you is the shit, but its the shit bc the weeknd makes it..some with killa cam is dope, the plan is dope, song with pharrell is dope…its nothing with 2 chainz is decent but catchy as fuck, fall asleep, work hard play hard are decent…im not gonna be like yo you gotta bump this album but its not that bad

  • leghorn

    i didnt listen to a second of it but i thought it was bad

  • A few decent tracks. Not as good as the last. Some songs sound rushed.

  • Joe

    Fall Asleep and No Limit R ill but now a days rappers get alittle money and lose they originality, Wiz has always been a favorite but i expected more. where the fuck is Live In Concert?

  • Rick O Shea

    wiz new he didn’t have to make a good album because ppl will buy it strictly because ppl recognize the name. 50 talks about smoking mad weed, yet he claims to be completely abstinent of alcohol and buds. Saul a gimmick

  • BoshJamesWade

    Album is a banger. I have no complaints about it except for the song with Akon. Did we hear the same O.N.I.F.C. album? The Bluff, Bluffin, It’s Nothin, Remember Me, Paperbond, Time, Fall Asleep, The Plan, Initation, Medicated. All good songs.

  • A$AP Rocky

    i wasn’t feelin it at all, except The Plan. Its actually one of my favorite songs of 2012, and my top played on my itunes

  • position1227

    I felt like this was Rolling Papers without him talking about weed alot. It wasn’t what made me start liking Wiz. There are a couple good songs on it, but nothing great.

  • On a scale from 1 to 10 ONIFC gets a 7.

    Its an improvement from “rolling papers” which is what im impressed the most by. The stand out tracks are “bluffin” “the bluff” and the 2nd half of “no limit”… Nothing is really trash but if i had to pick a worst song it would have to be ” let it go” with akon.
    Lola monroe was decent , pharrell did good…etc

    Im just mad that he didnt use “onifc” from that taylor allerdice mixtape tho.

  • Gen

    Ass gas recorded.

  • Imf

    I fuck with it he came back to the wiz we know …..Bluffin and Fall asleep are my favorite joints


    this album decent as hell..FUCK WAS SOME OF YALL EVEN LISTENIN TOO..everybody cant be a rap reviewer..some people just not good at it

  • Obi Juan

    Honestly I haven’t even given it a a listen. Can’t get past the cover *shrugs*

  • baunique

    I’d love to hear Big Ghost’s take.

  • Tahir

    ehhhh I’ve heard better. I’ve heard worse. No “Kush and Orange Juice” buuuut no “Rolling Papers” either.

  • JS


    Rolling Papers made me feel enthralled in the music. It could be my taste in music has changed since RP, but it doesn’t capture me like the last. Seems like 1 or 2 songs were fillers, but not much has changed as far as subject matter. Score is for consistency, expectant of Wiz.

  • Shyne


  • Jules

    I think its funny how he apologized for Rolling Papers when you listen to ONIFC. If you compare the two RP slaps way harder. Too many songs and too many which sounds identical. The Bluff and Bluffin? Both good songs but practically the same song. I liked a couple of other tracks, Paperbond, Fall Asleep and Rise Above. If he’d cut the tracklist in half and added like five songs from Taylor Allderdice it would be a different story. It’s becoming a recurring problem with artists not saving their best work (a matter of opinion offcourse) for their albums. If mixtapes are for free and albums are to be sold then what the fuck?

  • yeah

    work hard play hard is the only good song. And rolling papers was better


    one word, trash.

  • ZaZzA

    taylor allderdice >>> this one ..
    songs like The Cruise , TAP , California , Amber Ice and Roland w/ Smoke Dza [extended versions of these songs] could easily replace some of the songs on onifc .. even songs from Mac and Dev go to Highschool like “I get lifted” and “put it in a zagg” are much better than most of the songs on ONIFC ..
    first the name sucked , then the cover , and finally the songs..
    you can clearly see that he was trying to make the loooongg songs in which the beat changed itself, (which is popular the recent years) .. like “no limit ” and bluffin’ .. though i think in no limit song he did a nice job .. but still too long .. could erase like 1 minute of it .

  • ZaZzA

    just more of HarryFraud E.dan And Juicy j Productions .. could be great

  • Jason

    Rise Above is the best track hands down. Retweet me bitch, I’m @Pharrell.

  • Shvwn Michvel

    He created a lane for himself to last forever…Wiz will be able to tour for the next 20 years due to the stoners growing with him…He continues to make lifestyle music that reflects where he is at the moment…Job well done Wiz- ShvwnMichvel

  • Rigamortis

    Fall Asleep, Rise Above, Initiation, It’s Nothing, and The Plan were the only good songs in my opinion. All the others tracks were absolutely horrible and sound almost exactly the same; it’s just him bragging about how much money he has, how many cars and clothes he has bought, and of course how much weed he’s been smoking. It’s all very repetitive which didn’t really surprise me; coming from Wiz Khalifa. I did feel like he did try to reach out to a lot of his old fans with those songs I listed above and for that I’ll give it a 5/10, but that’s all I’m giving it. If he split up the album evenly with half of the good songs and half of the mainstream garbage maybe I would have given it a higher score, but this wasn’t the case. Wiz, you let me down.. once again. The Game’s album on the other hand.

  • Rigamortis

    ^^ Oh and Remember You was a pretty decent song too.

    Left that one out.

  • chillin

    Like 6 good songs way better then Rolling Papers. Fall asleep is such a sick beat but nobodies review matters because nobody here bought the album.

  • WhatHaveHappenedWas

    gay cover. but good album.

  • My Unbiased Review.

    “People always talking about what they think they know. About what they think I’m doing, how I feel, and where I go. But no matter how much money I make I’m gon stay the same. Since I’ve been up at the top ain’t too much changed, cause we already on” -(One of the standout choruses, on the 2nd part of No Limit.)

    Although this is “No KushxOJ” as most people are saying, KushxOJ was a mixtape, not an album. Therefore I’m not even comparing it to that.

    With that being said, this album wasn’t classic BUT this album is a good sign. A good sign that Young Khalifa man is getting back on the right track. I’d say timing for this album was difficult. After completely blowing up from Rolling Papers, all the touring, all the fame, all the sudden changes to a dude that went from “Dope mixtape rapper” to basically “Modern day rockstar” this album came out decent.
    Which is saying a lot honestly. Constant tours, starring in a movie, the release of Taylor Allderdice and Cabin Fever 2, there was a whole lot on Khalifa’s plate this year.

    I don’t think people realize, but this kind of stuff makes a difference.

    I definitely see what he was trying to do with this album. I’d say the execution was off. It had its bright spots. “Paperbond” reminded me of “In Tha Cut”. “The Bluff” was classic mixtape sound Khalifa. “Work Hard Play Hard” was an ideal club banger. “Time” great beat, catchy song, hook could’ve been sung better but still a stand out. “Rise Above” Pharrell feature always wins and a great smooth hook by Wiz. “Up In It” a song like this is expected on any Khalifa album. “The Plan” was easily the best track on the album. “Medicated was good”, even tho I don’t care for Chevy Woods features.

    I’d say almost half the songs on this album simply weren’t album material or simply didn’t belong.
    The song with Akon I felt was unnecessary. Although it’ll probably be the next big radio single, someone like Wiz doesn’t mesh well with Akon. I feel like he doesn’t need Akon, he can make a better hook by his self.
    “Bluffin” wasn’t bad, but a waste of a great Cardo-like produced beat by Drumma Boy. I expect Wiz to tackle a beat like that much better. That’s a “Mezmorized” / “California” type of beat. It needed a catchy harmonized hook from Wiz on that type of song.
    “Fall Asleep” isn’t an album song if you ask me. The first time I heard it, I found it extremely awkward. One song that just never grew on me even after 10 listens or so. I like the beat but the weird fall asleep loop doesn’t work for me.
    “It’s Nothin” is more of a Cabin Fever song to me. Shouldn’t have been a single on the album.
    “Initiation” is a ‘banger’ but not an album song to me. Was annoyed by the Nicki Minaj sounding Lola Monroe.
    “No Limit” was far too long. I didn’t like the hook to the first part of the song at all. That song left me annoyed. The 2nd part featured the best harmonized hook on the album and best beat.
    “Remember You” didn’t belong. Wiz simply didn’t deliver on that one. Weeknd did obviously.

    I give the album 6.5 out of 10. Rolling Papers was a 5/10.
    Definitely felt like Wiz should’ve sung more and put more into most of the hooks. This is something that defines who he is, the hook of his songs. The album needed more choruses like Work Hard Play Hard, The Bluff and Rise Above had.
    Songs like “Time” and “Medicated” were standouts, but could’ve been even better with some classic harmonized Khalifa hooks.

    Everyone loves Wiz for his long, catchy hooks. He sounded lazy on too many of the choruses. “Riding out in my ride, smoking weed while I drive” “Now here we are, now there we go”

    That doesn’t cut it for me when you talk about Wiz Khalifa.

    Features were great, beats were great, some poor decision making and some poor execution. Change a few things around and this could’ve easily been an 8/10 album.

  • My Unbiased Review.

    Just wanted to add this: If Wiz would’ve took off “Fall Asleep”, “Bluffin” and “Let It Go” and replaced those tracks with extended versions of “Mary 3x”, “Rowland” and a song like “O.N.I.F.C.”. That would’ve improved the album drastically.

  • RG

    I agree…. If there would have been several songs left off the album would have been better…… Like him or not, he represents where he is from and does it very well. Pittsburgh is a unique city and the hip hop culture there is flashy, it’s always flashy (Hip Hop) but in Pa it’s flashy in a outlandish old school, Perm, 72 Cadillac, everybody’s on dope kinda way. So if you want to judge Wizs music remember you can take the hoe out the trailer park but can’t take the trailer park out the hoe. Same with him and his style. Like it or not it’s original Wiz Khalifia.

  • JW

    The more I’ve listened to this album the more it’s grown on me. With that being said, ONIFC wasn’t the best of 2012 but Wiz definitely held his own. IMO it can almost go blow for blow with Taylor Allderdice depending on what mood you’re in. But I think Taylor Allderdice is his best mixtape (yep even over Kush & OJ) so that’s saying a lot. Paperbond is good. Bluffing is sick. Let it go is solid and I’m not an Akon fan in the slightest. The bluff is dope I was surprised to hear killa cam deliver a solid verse. Work hard play hard is alright it’s just been ruined for me by radio. Got everything is a bit weak. Fall Asleep is some next level shit. It’s very soothing. Time is good. It’s Nothing is decent I’m just not too sure how I feel about 2 Chainz. Rise Above is ill as well. Initiation is alright Lola Monroe is just a bit sketchy though. I don’t know what people were listening to when they heard No Limit but that’s one of the best on the album. The second half of the song is just too good. And after that 9:00 minute epic you get the best song on the album. Juicy J probably delivers one of the best features of the year and possibly one of the best verses in his career. Who knew Juicy J would still be relevant in 2013? The Plan is great. Remember You is alright, The Weeknd did his thing. I honestly didn’t like Medicated at first but it grew on me. Juicy J been going hard. So there you have it. 17 tracks with one truly bad song. And if you bought the deluxe version you get two more decent songs. Sure it falls short to so many better albums this year but be real it was a pretty good year for hip hop. The last half of this year was especially good. Anyway ONIFC gets a 8/10 from me. Wiz did what i expected him to do. Make music I could smoke and reflect too.