Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era’s “How To Rap A Present” Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Illy December 19, 2012

Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era clique freestyle for BuzzFeed Music’s “How To Rap A Present.” The Brooklyn collective’s Peep The Apocalypse mixtape drops when the world ends.

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  • bongwater

    these niggas is terrible.. Joeys nice and i get this is off the top freestylin but this shit is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • kkewpk

    neva knew ski beats had a son

  • Joey everywhere now days.

  • tellmenot

    what beat they rapping to????? i fucks wit ittt

  • tellmenot

    respondd to meee im refreshinggg!!!

  • tracy

    anybody else thinks this dude’s gonna make it to that XXL list this year? I was hoping he’d be on last year’s issue, but as usual, they always mange to snub all the dope artistsnput wack ones instead

  • tellmenot

    XXL doesn’t care about who’s “dope”. They feature the “hottest”. Half the time the hottest make the lamest music in my opinion, but they always manage to feature a couple that I find dope. Although they are always a year late to catch on.

  • Davey

    don’t know fi i should say Dope or Nope. great idea but pretty poor execution lol

  • boo boo cheeks gentlemen. nice try. now go take a lap for your foolery raps.

  • RDCJ

    Dope this is some old school shit like straight off the dome just fucking around shit to have fun. Like they used to do it not taking themselves to seriously like some of this picky bitches posting that jock every pre written freestyle the hear and try to make that the standard of freestyles when it’s not realy a freestyle.

  • Dallas

    damn i love pro era but this wasnt the best freestyle